The Signs We've Loved Before pt 1

By this point in your life, I’m willing to bet you’ve been in love more than once. And even if you’re not sure if what you felt was love, no one really is. We all have different definitions of love based on how we were raised and conditioned by our families, generally. We learned how to love in different ways, as different signs with different dominant energies. No wonder everything is so confusing for everyone.

The way I love you isn’t going to be the same way you love me. Yet, here we are. Loving each other. Love is important. Love teaches you things. This can be romantic love or this can be the love of a friend, a family member. Love is really just deeply caring about someone’s well-being. Some people are able to do this a lot, some people have a harder time with it. I’d like to dig into the astrological reason for why certain signs may love in different ways.

I’m not a technical astrologer in that I don’t read charts (yet), but my degree is in psychology and I like to think I do a pretty good psychoanalysis of the character traits of each sign. Take what I say with a grain of salt but also if it makes you feel some type of way, it’s supposed to.

These are based on my experience and generalization patterns I have seen characterized in each astrological sign. Enjoy part 1.

PickledCherryblossom Etsy

PickledCherryblossom Etsy

Aries: Aries love feels like you are soaring to the top of a mountain and even though you’re scared, you don’t care. The aries personality makes you feel like you’re on top of the world and anything you want to do is possible with them. Aries will keep you charging ahead, relying on passion and enforcing your will upon the Universe. Aries love is a love anyone should experience. It’s that love they write stories about, at least for the first 3 months. It’s always AMAZING with aries until it isn’t anymore and they will have you feeling like a burden and annoyance to their precious time. Aries have a hard time holding interest in people who aren’t legitimately “the one.” If they find themselves with a partner they don’t care about anymore, it will start to wear on them mentally. Once your aries gets moody allllll the time you know it’s time to call it quits. They literally cannot stand not living out their passions and that includes through relationships. An aries without a flame is like a bird without their wings. They feel lost and trapped and suffocated. Don’t suffocate their flame, fan it. Support them and love them through their moodiness and you’ll actually be really surprised how agreeable they can be after all.

PickledCherryblossom Etsy

PickledCherryblossom Etsy

Gemini: Ooof. Gemini. Gemini in love is intense. Gemini love gets you hooked. When a Gemini loves you, they looooove you. Gemini personalities will have you going over to people’s houses at 3:45am just to be with them and their presence. They are one of the few people in this world who can truly SEE you (Aquarius also has this insight). Because of this, Gemini is the person you can stay up all night with and talk until the sun rises. Then you’ll go on a morning walk and talk some more and appreciate the beauty of nature and the world. They are so loving and understanding and want the best. Gemini also has this insane jealous side that can unleash a wrath unlike any other sign. Not even Scorpio aggression can beat Gemini’s, “Oh? Defy me? I will ruin you.” At their worst, they cannot handle criticism of any sort. In their mind they have everything figured out and don’t you dare question their master plan. Their ego’s cannot stand to be questioned and they will deflect and try to make you feel dim-witted for even attempting to correct them. They are right and no one can say different. Gemini love will have you wanting seconds, thirds, forths and more… but ask, is it healthy or are you just addicted? You’ll only be triggered if it’s the latter.

PickledCherryblossom Etsy

PickledCherryblossom Etsy

Cancer: Cancer is tough because Cancer is Cancer. They are so full of love so it’s really hard to talk shit about them because I feel like they are essentially children that need constant love, affection and attention to be a functioning human. Their sensitivities rule them and they are often crippled with anxiety. They really do mean well. I’ve never met a mean spirited Cancer. The most they will end up doing is ignoring you and shutting you out. Once you don’t matter to a Cancer, YOU DON’T MATTER TO A CANCER. There is no going back. Cancer is the crab which manifests in that they have this protective shell around them emotionally which they retreat into whenever something is happening in their external world they can’t control and has the potential to hurt them. When that’s a partner, cancer get’s especially weary. They cannot stand when anything is “wrong” and they are very intuitive and prone to reading your energy, hence the anxiety they feel because they are so in tune with their surroundings. Likely empaths by nature, if they learned how to protect their energy and utilize their deeply intuitive ways they could benefit society more effectively. Cancer is a great person to love when you require someone to take care of you. They will love you endlessly, just be careful with their fragile hearts. If you meet a cancer who acts like they aren’t mushy inside just know they’ve been extremely hurt in the past and their guard/shell is UP.

PickledCherryblossom Etsy

PickledCherryblossom Etsy

Leo: When you meet a Leo it makes you want to automatically bite your bottom lip and give the person a deep stare with the biggest sex eyes you can muster up. Leo is magnetic and everyone in the room wants to know who and what they are. Leo doesn’t really make sense to everyone, really only other leos can truly understand. At the same time, leos need other people in their kingdom to praise them. Leo love is a beautiful thing to be lucky enough to have. A leo will give their love willingly and proudly until you do something they deem undeserving of their love. Once you’ve crossed a Leo, you’ve made a really fucking bad life choice. Leo will do the worst thing we can think of, stop loving you. They know how powerful, amazing and healing their love can be and deem it a deserved punishment to withhold love from you. You could be average on your own or great with leos influence. Keep them purring and fed and they will roll over and let you scratch their stomach. They will shower you in love and compliments every single day and let you know how truly amazing they think you are.

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