The Signs We've Loved Before pt 2

By this point in your life, I’m willing to bet you’ve been in love more than once. And even if you’re not sure if what you felt was love, no one really is. We all have different definitions of love based on how we were raised and conditioned by our families, generally. We learned how to love in different ways, as different signs with different dominant energies. No wonder everything is so confusing for everyone.

The way I love you isn’t going to be the same way you love me. Yet, here we are. Loving each other. Love is important. Love teaches you things. This can be romantic love or this can be the love of a friend, a family member. Love is really just deeply caring about someone’s well-being. Some people are able to do this a lot, some people have a harder time with it. I’d like to dig into the astrological reason for why certain signs may love in different ways.

Enjoy part 2.


Taurus: The way Taurus loves is in a way that makes more sense to them than it does to anyone else, to be honest. Taurus is the bull and with that, they do not want to be perceived as the delicate type. They will huff and puff and charge at you but at the end of the day you are able to control what the bull does if you train it. Now I’m not saying train a Taurus, I’m saying if you understand how the bull operates you’ll have a better chance of success when trying to be in the same arena with them without being stomped all over, ya dig?

Taurus is a ride or die through and through. If they have committed time and effort into you, psh… welp… you’re stuck. Once they decide they love you and only you, it’s all systems go in terms of wanting to build a life with you. Every Taurus has a detailed timeline mapped out for when things are going to happen in their lives and they attempt to steer all of their romantic relationships in the direction THEY want it to go in. Some signs are totally down with that and other signs get alerted to ABORT MISSION.

Taurus love feels practical and pragmatic. They want to support whatever you want to build in life and will be there by your side every step of the way. It’s unfortunate with how much shit Taurus will actually put up with when in love. They will talk a big game about independence but at the end of the day they want nothing more than someone to come home to and melt into. Oh yeah, and eat snacks with.


Virgo: Virgo love hits you unexpectedly. Virgo love feels like you’ve finally found your person. Virgos are so lowkey when it comes to love that they are often forgot about when it comes to which signs are the most loving and romantic. Virgos LOVE to love. And they take pride in being really fucking good at it. Virgo loves to take care of you and wants to make your world reflective of the love they feel inside.

They don’t judge you for anything you’ve done in the past. They love fun and they’ve had their fair share of fun too so be willing to look past a morally questionable past but that’s just in other people's opinions. Virgo doesn’t give a fuck how you live your life because they have their own mode of operation that works for them and only them. Be ready to potentially misunderstand your partner but understand they mean well.

Virgos can have a really ugly side to them where they are so in need of your love that they manipulate the situation to make you stay because you feel like you need them. They can be tricksters and schemers when it comes to manipulating situations in their favor. They are surprisingly in tune with emotion and can and will use it against you if they are unevolved.


Libra: Libra is the most thoughtful and considerate person you will ever date in the history of time. Need someone to love you? Libra. Need someone to care about you? Libra. Need someone to take care of you? Libra. Need someone to endlessly adore you? Libra. You get the point.

Libras are energy balls full of love and light and everyone wants to be friends with them. They are popular and thrive on being a well liked member of the group. They are extremely funny and witty and THE FLIRTING OMG THE FLIRTING. The only sign that loves to flirt as much as Libra is Leo and if you ever have the opportunity to be charmed by a Libra. Let it happen. Soak it in. It’s glorious. They are so kind and warm that it makes you want to do better in life and step up your level. They make great significant others because they will make you feel loved and appreciated more than any other sign.

Don’t think it’s all rainbows and sunshines with Libra. Nope. Unevolved Libra is so insecure that attention from one person just will not cut it because they are in constant search of validation. Which makes no sense to anyone who looks at them because everyone else thinks they are amazing. They tend to be very hard on themselves and put people around them on pedestals vs. themselves on one. Unevolved Libra is a shit show of a person when it comes to relationships. They will cheat, lie and manipulate in order to get their way and make themselves look like the good guy.


Scorpio: Scorpio love is that intense, hit you in the face, grind your genitals into the nearest object, take a deep breathe into your stomach and feel your lungs expand kind of love. No one really understands you how a Scorpio is able to understand you. They are so mystically deep themselves that they can see a real one when they spot one and it makes them cringe to imagine not being true to their own inner realness. They appreciate honesty and depth, surface level overly air-headed people annoy Scorpio unless they are having sex with them. Then in that case it’s kind of fun to just impose their will, in a consenting manor, of course. Scorpio sex is next level. Want to orgasm 6 times in a night? Hit up your nearest Scorpio.

Unevolved Scorpio will be extremely manipulative and legitimately think they are helping you by lying to you. On the other side of that, Scorpio can be one of the most exciting people to do life with. They’ll have an almost impossible time giving up on you in a relationship (if they have made an emotional commitment) and an even harder time if you’re doing okay without them and they didn’t get what they wanted from you. I hope everyone experiences Scorpio love at some point in their lives, when it’s good.. it’s goooood.

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