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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and approaches life in their own unique way. Do you have aries placements in your birth chart? If so, read below to understand how these Aries traits and characteristics might play out in your life.

My amazing astrologer, Dayna, created a youtube video talking about the first house in astrology + aries archetypes. Please watch her video for a better understanding. I pulled a lot of her language for this blog post, the words you will read are a combination of my brain and hers.

In astrology, aries begins the wheel of consciousness with their massive “I AM” presence. Aries are able to assert themselves in this world better than most and their give-no-fucks attitude is often admired by others and can also intimidate those who can’t handle their quick tongue and lack of sugar-coating. This fire sign isn’t afraid to burn bridges and get under people’s skin. They are well aware they are not for everybody and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aries intentionally burning bridges like:

Aries tends to have a confrontational approach to life and has never been afraid to take up space they know they can claim. They have the keen ability to move and act fast, and motivate others based on personal desires.

Aries is a cardinal sign

… which plays out in the fact that they are the initiators, the starters, the people who are not afraid to test their limits within the world. (other cardinal signs include Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) Aries season kicks off spring and we get a brand new energy to work with coming off of winter. Aries energy offers a new beginning which can feel like a breathe of fresh air compared to the heaviness of the previous season, Pisces.

Aries energy is masculine, demanding and they are ruled by Mars which is our planet of war, conflict and aggression. Aries picks up on the traits of Mars in everything they do, it is their ruler after all.

With their tough exterior, please don’t forget that aries is still very fragile and vulnerable. While they have massive WARRIOR energy which I’ll speak more about later, aries also has a very soft side to them that is underneath all of the potential hostility.

Aries is brave and courageous, often not worrying about what the world thinks of them. They are here to show out, show up and be about their business. The ambition does not quit and the ideas for making shit happen are never ending. Aries has no problem starting projects, but may get distracted by their new ideas. Learning to have the self-discipline to stay to task is going to help aries tremendously in the long run and if they want to find success in the material world.

Friend: Wow, do you really not care what people think about you?


Aries is truly the warrior and their warrior spirit shines through in all that they do. Like they will literally fight you. Hahaha not really— not all aries, but 10/10 aries has fantasized about punching someone in the face to “solve their problems”. With the want to correct and heal things they don’t feel is fair to them, the hero in them comes out as they stand up for injustice, slaying dragons and demons for themselves and for others. When faced with adversity, they will rise up, look whatever is in front of them in the eye with determination in their heart and fire in their soul. Nothing and no one is standing in this warriors way. They know their own path because they created it for themselves and often feel that people are either with them or against them.

Aries displaying maturity while upset:

Aries has the massive desire to consume LIFE. They want to travel, explore, eat, drink, party, create— what are limits? Aries isn’t sure and hasn’t heard of them. This desire to consume life can almost haunt aries when they are trying to be regimented and get into a solid routine. They thrive on action and change and try to incorporate it into their lives as often as possible.

Is aries a selfish sign? Yes. Yes they are. And they need to be. With their “me first” attitude, they help us all understand that we too can serve ourselves over others because aries knows better than anyone that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care EXPERTS. I’m not saying aries doesn’t want to serve others, they do, but if there isn’t something in it for them and their own advancement— why would they be doing it? It doesn’t make sense to aries and someone like libra (aries opposite/sister sign) could benefit from understanding that things can be done for themselves first and others second. Prioritizing yourself is important for the development of your own skills and abilities and aries wants the world understand this.

When aries enters a room, you know. Their strong presence commands the room and you can try to ignore them but you will fail. Their light is bright and needs to shine… and not on anyone else’s terms other than their own. Because of their strong presence, aries generally take leadership roles or become their own bosses. It’s extremely challenging for an aries to live their life for someone else and they will fight an internal battle if they are ever “stuck” in that situation. Aries knows that everything can change and it’s up to them to change it.

Interviewer: Are you willing to put your own personal needs aside and do what’s best for the company if needed?


Aries thrives on self expression. They have a unique style and are not afraid to show some skin. Many aries placements have no problem being in front of the camera and they know their wit and charm will show up right along with their physical attractiveness. If you meet an aries, they are likely going to be on a completely different level of self expression than most other signs and a lot of their expression comes out in the way they dress, what comes out of their mouths and how they act, which are usually all larger than life.

Aries has a tendency to be unaware of their emotions and how to constructively deal with them, which can lead to them being extremely temperamental. The termperamental aries is a force to be reckoned with and can leave other’s scratching their heads attempting to figure out what aries wants or how to deal with their attitude. Aries lesson in this existence is to learn how to control their temper and channel it into intuition. The aries intuition is a major key to understanding life and the vibes around them and should not be underestimated or ignored.

Friend: Why don’t you like them? They didn’t even do anything to you…


For aries to stop being at war with themselves they need to connect with love. Love will heal all of aries harsh moods and thought patterns. At the end of the day, love is the most important thing for aries and they truly want to find a partner and harmonize. If they approach the world with love mixed with their fire, everything will run smoothly and they won’t react as rigidly to transgressions. When aries matures and steps into their power through authenticity, literal magic happens. Their world opens up to endless possibilities and they have the WILL POWER to make it all happen.

Speaking of will power— aries WILL is so strong that it has the ability to move mountains in order to get what it wants and needs. Giving up on something they are passionate about is a non-option for the tenacious aries and they will move forward with confidence in the direction of their own desires, not giving a second thought to what the people around them might think or say about it. Their strong will and stubbornness serve them well in ways that other signs can only dream about (besides Taurus, Leo & Scorpio— they get it).

As aries matures, their anger translates over to passion as they learn how to express their intense emotions vs letting the rage fall out of them with no regard. The passionate aries is then able to move about the world with purpose and action as they move into projects, people and places that align with their soul and true life mission.

Aries knows they can be the spark for others to find what really drives them and they will help when they can, as long as it doesn’t interfere with what they are trying to do and build. When aries understands that they need to tap into their intuition, their ego gets nudged to the side and they are truly able to step into their passionate warrior energy and make the world a bolder, louder place that allows each individual to live life to the fullest.

Where do you have aries in your chart? Let us know in the comments and if you feel what I wrote in the blog applies to you!

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Astrologer Dayna Connolly dives into the first house in astrology + aries characteristics, watch the video below to learn more.


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