Dayna’s Chart Reading Testimonials


Ane H.

After every reading with Dayna, I’m left feeling truly understood and more aware of the gifts I have to offer myself and others. She demonstrates so much passion when articulating her understanding of your soul’s purpose. She shows me how my Piscean insights are right on track, through her delicate and nuanced interpretations of events, feelings and synchronicities that are present in my life. I feel more in touch with self, and inspired to face rewarding challenges that lie ahead. Dayna’s approach assured me that the universe is always marking my path, and when focused and dedicated to embracing my soul’s purpose I will see that path most clearly. These sessions help facilitate self-love and encourage compassion for who I was born to be. Dayna consistently demonstrates dedication to her craft with stark and graceful wisdom in each of our sessions. So grateful for her gifts of support and guidance! ️