Professional Chart Readings with Dayna


Dayna has been studying astrology since 2014

Dayna has always had a strong desire to serve and help others. Astrology made way into her world at 13 but has been brought to the forefront of her life’s calling to help others self discover. She is a twin flame, loves living connected to Gaia and is passionate about sustainable practices.


Natal Chart Reading + Soul Discovery Session

Translating the ancient language of the stars, Dayna will dive deeply into the main themes that stand out to her in your chart. These readings are perfect for people trying to answer questions about themselves and understand themselves on a deep level. She will touch on your placements, your planetary influences, as well as how these all play out in your daily life. Learn to live your highest potential by exploring your soul’s purpose, and unlocking your unique gifts + abilities. This is our most popular and most recommended reading. Either Live or pre recorded. If you have specific questions we recommend the live option.

Example video here

$144/ 1 hour & 45 min live —1 hour & 30 min recorded

*add-ons available

After every reading with Dayna, I’m left feeling truly understood and more aware of the gifts I have to offer myself and others. She demonstrates so much passion when articulating her understanding of your soul’s purpose. She shows me how my Piscean insights are right on track, through her delicate and nuanced interpretations of events, feelings and synchronicities that are present in my life. I feel more in touch with self, and inspired to face rewarding challenges that lie ahead. Dayna’s approach assured me that the universe is always marking my path, and when focused and dedicated to embracing my soul’s purpose I will see that path most clearly. These sessions help facilitate self-love and encourage compassion for who I was born to be. Dayna consistently demonstrates dedication to her craft with stark and graceful wisdom in each of our sessions. So grateful for her gifts of support and guidance! ❤️ - Ane H.

Transit + Tarot

Transit means "to circle" as we grow, we change. In this exploration of transits & progressions we will draw attention to the major themes and activations of growth that occur naturally as you evolve. certain parts of your being will experience major life changes; understanding these transits with attention to the sign, house and aspects can help navigate your journey of awakening.  

Transit readings are especially beneficial during:
-Lunar progressions - emphasis on your moon, and sectors of your life that requires your emotional attention.
-Saturn returns 
-any planetary retrograde passage (mercury rx, venus rx, are the major ones!)
-dealing with traumas or sudden changes in emotional behavior 

Dayna will help you explore your your unique cycles and internal compulsions with a plan to honor your "phases". Done Live or recorded.

$111/75 min reading


Have you ever wondered how compatible you and your significant other are? What about you and your siblings? And what about your friends? Your parents!?

When we learn more about the relationships in our life, it allows us to feel more connected to them and encourages deeper bonding. It helps us understand what makes them the way they are and often serves as a great insight into what they are thinking and feeling, how THEY maneuver the world and the unique challenges each relationship has.

All you need to know to get a relationship reading done is both parties birth date, place and time (if time is unknown that’s alright). Synastry allows us to examine the influence of the stars between individuals involved. See what challenges you may face in your relationship when it comes to love styles, communication, jealousy, loyalty and much more. Dayna looks at both people’s charts and focuses on areas that stand out to her to better improve your relationship, giving you the knowledge and tools you need to make your relationship last. Do this either live with your partner/friend/family member, live solo, or recorded.

$175/90 min reading

*add-ons available

Dayna is a remarkable guide to the spiritual connection to love and relationships. My husband and I have had multiple relationship readings by Dayna, and her expertise and knowledge is so spot on. She provides a guide of how to navigate each other, gently showing us how to give love to each other during different phases of our lives. Her work has definitely helped us grow together, while embracing our individuality. When we search for deeper meanings, she is quick to provide references and articles. Dayna truly takes the time to understand humans on an intimate level, far greater than a 50 minute therapy session. She digs deep into your soul and connects your worries, fears, loves, and needs; while tapping into your intimacy. Every time we will choose to work with Dayna and celebrate her gifts. - Katie L.

Solar Return

Your solar return chart is based on the positions of the planets on your birthday for the upcoming year. If you know where you or a friend are spending your birthday this year, getting a solar return reading can help you understand the energies and influences coming into play for the next year of your life. These make great gifts for friends as a birthday present! Available recorded, not available live.

$99/45 min reading

See example here

The solar return offering is a deep dive into the energetic overlay that echoes throughout your astrological natal chart based on the location you spend your birthday. If you have a calling to celebrate your birthday at a special location, chances are, the earth is speaking to you to connect with a certain locational lay line that will influence you for the upcoming year.

This information is really fun as we explore the most powerful energies you have available to work with, and how they interface with your baseline--the core of who you are--on your evolutionary journey.

Feel called to head to the energy vortex’s of Sedona? New York City’s skyline? Perhaps the Oregon Coast? These are powerful grid sources and each location has its own unique way of energizing your natal chart. The calling to do something special for yourself is an invitation to activate your soul’s purpose.

Lets explore your desire to celebrate your celestial new year in a special location, for it may have a profound impact on your goals, and desires as the year unfolds.

Much like a rebirth of energy, this is an imprint that carries with you for exactly one year!