Chart Roasts with @lillythelegend


want to get made fun of over your birth chart?

As a meme and relationship blogger, Lilly’s take on astrology is a lot more light-hearted and fun than most. Lilly likes to look at the way in which your signs might interact to make you a funny or ridiculous human. She’s never “mean mean”, at least in her opinion, but she’ll probably tell you some things about yourself that you’ve never heard in a way you’ve never heard it.

Sun/Moon/Rising + Houses roasts are short and to the point- 5 min video

Sun/Moon/Rising/Mercury/Venus/Mars + Houses - 10-15 min video

To see an example chart roast, click here.

She accepts 10 at a time— click the link above to see if we currently have any in stock.

lilly the legend

Lilly Polivoda

Lilly lives in Minneapolis, MN and is obsessed with being outside, astrology memes, blogging and working out of coffee shops. Her background is in Psychology and social media management. You can often find her obsessing over other people’s dogs and staying hydrated.

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