Taurus Season is Here!

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Taurus season brings us into a theme of presence, fully engaged and listening to our heart all while tapping into our senses. This recent full moon in libra at 29 degrees opposes Mercury, Chiron, and Venus in Aries, which grounds us in a new place of self acceptance. Once in this place, we can then integrate into our relationships, finding ourselves in a more confident place to honor where we are on the spiral. (We know healing happens in layers and cycles, ebbs and flows.)

Many partnerships are uniting and merging deeper, coming into co-creation. For those wishing to call on their soulmate/or twinflame- the best we can do is focus on our hearts highest expression and feel into it, even if it’s not manifesting in the physical. Taurus is the reminder that the ground work we do now, is the brick and mortar for future pillars. The biggest challenge with this earthy fixed energy is hoarding and holding onto the very things that limit growth. We’re only in the very beginning stages of Uranus in stability seeking Taurus, which radically demands more flexibility on your behalf. For those not attuned to Uranus- his awakening energy disturbs the comforted. He journeys through Taurus for the next 7 years, so we can expect to see shifts collectively with all things taureen, such as The Taurus ruled “house” in our astrological natal chart - to the money system, our values, our food, and the earth herself.

*(your Taurus house will be the arena of the most radical shifts to come) (Editor’s note aka note from Lilly: if you don’t understand what this means or how it works into your life like for real GET A CHART READING DONE)

I invite you to plant seeds, get your hands into some dirt, and energetically imagine yourself planting what you wish to see manifest and grow. This kind of conscious awareness can really help you stay in alignment with your creations, for what you sow is what you reap.

This recent lunation in libra is supporting your love for yourself to anchor in the love you have for another. Taurus energy builds upon strong values, self esteem, self love, and empowerment. We may notice a strong need to connect with our tribe and like minds, feeding more meaningful engagements. Relationships of all kinds are changing as we each change internally. This is a reconfiguration and energetic release for many.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, governs our goddess energy. She along with mercury, are currently in ♈︎ fire starting Aries, bringing more validity + clarity to our needs. This movement from our subconscious to our conscious mind on the wheel is much more grounding since our vast and foggy retrograde passage in Pisces. We may find ourselves “wordless” as we are attuning to Neptunes energy of hardly ever seeing more than a step ahead. Now it’s about being confident in navigating what arises in each moment.

When things do start to feel in unbearably formless, bring your attention back to your breath and the simplicity of where you are. Taurus season may bring you new heightened senses, so be gentle on yourself as you bring them forward. This is why grounding in nature is so helpful for the nervous system. 

With the south node ☋ amongst Pluto and Saturn, we may have to experience power and powerlessness to come to a place of humility and balance. When triggers arise through people, places and things, remember this is an un-healed aspect of yourself that is being shown for you to master, to integrate for wholeness. We can really only control our responses to situations we find ourselves in.

Connect into the earth whenever possible, walk barefoot in your yard, sit with your back against a tree...feeling and grounding into this new energy. Try listening to your body more and gracefully accept what your vessel asks for. That may mean more or less sleep, more or less physical activity, and overall stimulation fluctuations. The need for simplicity is strong. Gratitude and appreciation for what you have will allow the universe to help you build on top of this. The stubborn need to control and hang onto an old paradigm will be lessened as we allow what needs to fall away to simply do that.

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