Saturn Retrograde 4/29/19

Saturn Retrograde Blog 2019 4/29/19

Saturn Retrograde Blog 2019 4/29/19

Today Saturn joins Pluto and Jupiter in retrograde. Whenever planets “retrograde” we are guided on a deeply inward journey of whatever that planets influence is. The highest expression of each planet is what urges to emerge within you.

Pluto = Empowerment

What is standing in the way of you and your own power? Are you resisting eliminating structures that no longer resonate in your life?

Saturn = Lord of Karma

Wants to bring you to self mastery by taking personal responsibility for your life. He likes to bring forward what we humans perceive as limitations so we have a catalyst for transformation. His retrograde passage is exalted in Capricorn. The clarity and precision you come to by Jan 7 2020 (when Saturn and Pluto conjunct for the first time since 1894 BCE) will be so deeply ingrained- you will look back at this time in awe of the work you did for this emergence of the master you’re stepping into.

Jupiter = Life Purpose

Jupiter’s influence challenges our belief systems, our truth, our connection to what we really came here to do. His urge is to EXPAND you into an ever evolving seat of your soul. 

Blend these key players together and we have a storm brewing that’s so big we can only step forward as the highest expression of our most authentic Version. It’s here. There are more and more awakening... the symptoms can not be ignored... ears ringing, heightened senses, electric activations, a profound urge to step into purpose, to do what you truly LOVE! Yes, it may shake you to the very core of your being! This is your nervous system re calibrating to handle these plasmic waves of light. As I write this I feel a surge of electricity flowing through my body. This is a confirmation + reminder of why I am here. (Editor Note: comment below if you felt that same surge of energy as you read this) For so long I doubted my dream to use astrology as a guide for others. Now, there is no turning back for me. Stepping into purpose is scary, especially for us empaths. If you follow me here then there’s a pretty good chance you know what I’m talking about.

How do you wish to show up in the world?

It’s time to feel into it and move away from every single thing that serves to be an obstacle of it.

The word that keeps coming up for me is commitment. Commitment to seeing our dreams manifest, to dance in the visions We have when we close our eyes. The imagination we have been taught can only happen in “make believe.” This is old programming we are all breaking out of. The reality you wish to live in requires magic, requires new expanded beliefs about yourself.

We are truly building the new 5D earth collectively with our mindset. We are all here to inspire each other, to activate each other. We chose to descend so we can all ascend together. Thank every pain, trauma, wound, and loss for the lessons you’ve learned. All is perfect, and now we take each other’s hand and emerge as the superhero’s we really are.

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