Pisces Season + Super Full Snow Moon in Virgo

Photo Credit: @weeirdscience IG

Photo Credit: @weeirdscience IG

Welcome to the ethers as we emerge into the depths of watery, mystical, Pisces season! We melt into this passage with a super full snow moon in Virgo ♍︎ at 0 degree. This is another major re set. Connecting with mutable energy will serve to help us become more adaptable, more in flow with surrendering to what underlies our life. A conscious awareness of your being is required to really work with this unique illumination. We are working to become masters of change, while sustaining our dreams, and dissolving our wounds.

Virgo is the earth angel here to purify and heal. She has a meditative energy, and a powerful will to serve. We all have a craft, and with a dedication to it, we can bring forth our mastery to help, to be of service to others. This is how we evolve. Where we learn compassion and understanding for others, we get to know our subconscious self, advancing in spiritual maturity. What crafts are you here to devote yourself to? What steps can you take to purify your temple to further your process and mission? Purifying your vessel from lower vibrational energies will aid in your healing process, heighten your senses, ultimately enhancing your intuition for the clarity you seek most.
After 8 years in ♓︎ Pisces, Chiron (your soul wound) moves into ♈︎ Aries with this lunation. This is a culmination period to set yourself free from your identity wound. Your soul is now integrated into your personality. We are not who we once were.
With this supermoon’s  ruler, ☿ mercury, in Pisces— the answers you seek can be found in your dreams, your subconscious. There’s a dreamy fog about this energy, but also a heightened sense of awareness that may present itself in anxiety. Water connects us to our empathic gifts, so allow yourself to reflect, release + rest. Follow your intuitive hunches, they will always guide you home.

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