Full Moon in Pisces ♓︎ A Lesson in Boundaries

Full Moon in Pisces ♓︎ A Lesson in Boundaries

The moon goes through cycles, just like us. Ever-changing, we can use the moon as aid in our own cultivations. Each moon phase is symbolic and carries an energy that can amplify the phases of your own life and growth. From the quiet stillness of the new (dark) moon which aids in goal-setting, manifestation, alignment, and intentions, to the powerful, abundant, and releasing energy of the full moon, through the moon’s cycles we discover what it means to embrace each phase of life.

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Editor’s Note: Please enjoy the first blog post from our Pisces Queen: Maple Eastwood. She’s a budding intuitive astrologer and has collaborated with Astrology Vibez to bring you a fresh perspective in blog form. Her social links are at the bottom <3

First, I’d like to dedicate this post to all the Pisces moons out there. You truly are my favorite humans. You are so sweet, and gentle, and caring. You are deep, philosophical and ethereal. I hold a special place in my heart for all the Pisces moons in this world and can spot one almost instantly; my dad, brother, and aunt all have their moon in Pisces. If you have a Pisces moon, I WILL love your sweet beautiful soul til the ends of the earth. 

• September 2019 •

As you’ve probably heard, this Friday the 13th brings with it a full moon! For the last week, talk about this erie and superstitious phenomenon has been all over town, and personally I’ve been appreciating even the astro-doubters and mystical nay-sayers having some fun with this one. Most of the general public’s superstition lies in the notion that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck, and in cahoots with a full moon will evoke chaos or madness, or simply be an overall calamitous 24 hours. For most astrologers, this type of “superstition” is not what draws us to this lunar event. When astrologers look at each full moon, we first and foremost look at what astrological sign the moon is transiting during its fullness, and then look at how the energy of the full moon plays with the energy of the sun’s current season. When the moon is full, the sun and the moon will always be in two signs of their own polarity, because full moons happen when the moon is exactly opposite the sun in its cycle around the zodiac (thus, the moon at 21° Pisces when the sun is at 21° Virgo). We look at the polar-axis that connects the two opposing signs to focus on not only how they differ, but how they relate to and use one another. Polarity may refer to two polar-opposites, but any well-versed astrologer knows that the key to understanding polarities is understanding how they are polar similar. With the sun spending its time in Virgo for the past 3 weeks, we have been building up to the great lesson of the Harvest Moon in Pisces. 

For those of us in the midwest, the moon will be full in Pisces this Friday, September 13th at 11:33pm, but the full moon’s effects can be felt all throughout Friday and into Saturday for North America. On Friday, the moon will be passing over Neptune (the planetary ruler of all things Piscean), and reaching its fullness just 4 degrees past where Neptune has stationed retrograde. With the mysterious moon and Neptune both in Pisces, we feel the Piscean effects on a new level. Higher consciousness and intuitive downloads are abundant. You may find your head in the clouds a little more than usual. You may feel more empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of those around you. And pay attention to your dreams between September 12 - 14, especially those with Pisces in the 12H (Aries risings, I’m talking to you!!). There may be something your subconscious needs you to know. 

What is Pisces?

Pisces is the fish. It is free-flowing and ever-changing. It can twist and turn and bend and basically adapt to whatever environment it surrounds itself with. But, Pisces is also a water sign that feels very deeply. Pisces energy is energetically sensitive, intuitive, empathic, caring, mystical, spiritual, and sometimes…its “parts unknown”. The boundary-less nature of the Piscean fish gives it the ability to create the greatest fantasies and experience the deepest love. But, sometimes these things translate poorly in real life when it comes to establishing boundaries. Boundaries for a Pisces just aren’t natural, and Pisceans can easily and often find themselves in compromising situations that in the end turn out unfair and unrequited, leaving Pisces on empty with nothing to show for all the bending and giving it has done. Where Pisces can learn a big lesson is from their polarity: Virgo. Virgo, like Pisces, is a sign of service. They get their rocks off by helping others - Pisces, on a spiritual, emotional plane and Virgo on a practical, day-to-day level. And while Pisces can get lost in their own world, Virgo’s are grounded and present. Virgo energy takes pride in pristine execution and maximum efficiency, and in order to nail that daily routine so your body and mind can function on maximum efficiency, Virgo’s lesson (especially to a Pisces) is that we must implement and practice immaculate boundaries

Full moons are about releasing what no longer serves, and what better way to release what does not serve us this month than to use Virgo season’s full moon in Pisces to S E T  B O U N D A R I E S for what we welcome into our lives moving forward. 

There’s this video that one of my favorite astrologers, Colin Bedell AKA Queer Cosmos posted on his instagram this spring, and I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s - you guessed it - about boundaries. And while Colin is an incredibly well-spoken Gemini and can make anyone invested in what he says, he really sent a message directly to me that I needed to hear. A huge lesson for me has been the implementation of boundaries. I am a Pisces, and with a Libra rising and a Gemini Mars, this a great recipe for a boundary-less butterfly. I am happy to go wherever the ones around me need me to be. Over the course of my life I have said yes to so many things I wanted to say no to. I have put others wants before my needs and have had a hard time standing up for myself and advocating for my best interest. I have accepted chaos and disorder in order to people-please. But, I am over allowing others to dictate how my life will be lived simply because I don’t use boundaries and advocate for my best interest. Boundaries are imperative for a meaningful life. And a meaningful life is one that you are in control of, so it’s time to hop in the driver’s seat, babyyyyy. 

I look to my polar-sister, Virgo, and ask her to show me how to serve with boundaries. And she has this to say: when we take care of ourselves and our needs first on a micro-level, when we ourselves are in a good, healthy place, we then can properly care for others. It’s like the old adage goes, “you can’t fill someone else’s cup if your cup is empty.” Additionally, boundaries can help us establish balance. Life gets out of balance when we let the wills and wants of others dictate how we spend our time, energy, emotions, or money, all things that are valuable to each and every one of us. When things get out of balance or when our values are compromised, we become resentful, rigid, scattered, or irresponsible; our health and those around us pay. But when we establish boundaries, it tells the world and the ones around us what we will and will not do. It says “this is what I will tolerate, and this is what I will not.” And like Colin says in his video as he uses techniques acquried from Dr. Brené Brown, boundaries allow us to live in integrity. Integrity, in a nutshell, is about practicing values rather than simply professing them. L I V I N G with integrity. And when we follow our values and live with integrity (like Taurus season taught us!), the universe recognizes our alignment and gives to us the tools we need to reach our goals. 

Boundaries let you do you, boo boo. We can set boundaries in place to establish what we need in order to be at our best and perform to the best of our abilities. Boundaries set limits for yourself and others, and limits allow you to stay in control of your life, which is a HUGE part of goal-achievement if you do it right. If you’ve been following along with my entries since December 2018, you’ll notice I talk a lot about agency, and being the boss of your own life. Truly one of the “easiest” ways we can be the boss in our own lives is by setting boundaries. Set your expectations and set them high. And abide by them. -> If you set a fitness goal but work asks you to stay late on a regular basis, this may make it really hard to follow through with your workout routines. -> If you set a goal to clean up your diet, but your sibling is constantly eating junk food around you, a boundary may be asking them to leave the junk food behind when they are spending time with you. If you are trying to save money, a boundary may be saying no to things that do not fit in your budget. -> If you are working on your mental health, refraining from being around toxic or draining energy is a boundary. These all seem like very obvious and simple concepts, until we try to enact them. 

Establishing boundaries is hard. Mostly because the pushback may be the whole reason why we struggle with boundaries in the first place - what other people want/expect is more important to us than what we need. And it’s hard to disappoint people. Sometimes we avoid setting boundaries to avoid conflict, discomfort, or tension. Is it easier to appease the ones around you than stand up for what you need? #DontWannaSeemNeedy <- Been there. The pushback we experience when putting boundaries in place can be difficult, but it’s important to recognize what type of “pushback” is really happening; is it pushback from simply changing the routine? The same old song and dance is switching it up? (human nature doesn’t like change, and it’s okay if people are thrown off when you first start setting your boundaries). Or, is it pushback because that person can no longer take advantage of your lack of boundary? 


Regaining control of your life by kicking off your mission for boundaries can be a bumpy ride at first. And it might take some time to get it right (being too rigid with your boundaries isn’t good either). But something that both Virgo and Pisces does well is patience. Be patient, and hope that others will be patient with you, too. Only you know what’s best for you. Once you start enacting the boundaries you need, good people will start to go accordingly. And if you find that some people go missing on account of your practice in boundaries, they weren’t serving you any way. Chances are they were in your life simply because of what you could do for them, and not because they care about you as a person. And hey, if someone in your life puts up a boundary for YOU, please don’t be a dick and disregard their wishes. They could be really putting themselves out there just to voice their needs to you. Be a friend and respect their boundary. As you would want them to respect yours.

Everyone needs boundaries, and on this full moon, release the notion that you fear what will happen if you set a boundary. Let the waters of the Pisces full moon wash away any fear or hesitation that you have about taking charge of your limits. Release the worry that people won’t like it. Let go of the concern that people will leave if you tell them “no.” This is your life and you have to live it for you - nobody else will. 

XoXo ~ Maple Eastwood 

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