Loving Libra: The Good and The Bad

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As a Leo, Libra men have been catching my attention my entire life. From my biggest crush in middle school to my current relationship, Libra love has been in my life since the beginning. Libras ability to love and be loved is unmatched but there are upsides and downsides to their love, especially depending on their level of commitment, personal boundaries and level of evolution (evolved vs unevolved).

Libras are usually the most popular people around and it makes sense, they are trying to fit in and be cool. They hate when things are weird between them and others and strive to make things okay at the end of the day. Uncomfortable situations drive them crazy and they want to make sure everyone is happy. The problem comes when they realize they cannot make everyone happy and in attempting to do so they take away from their own happiness. Libras tend to be drawn to strong energies that help guide them through life. I’m not saying Libras need others to guide them, they just really enjoy being more passive in most decision making processes.

Their inherent need to fit in and be cool is rewarded with pretty much everyone liking them wherever they go. They are here to have a good time and want you to have one too! Libras are able to have philosophical conversations and out-party you at the same time. They are a special blend of chaos and best friend that anyone could have.

Can we talk about libra charm because I think we need to talk about libra charm. Libras can charm ANYONE into ANYTHING. First of all, libras are usually attractive. Pair attractiveness up with their LOVE of flirting and ability to charm and watch out, you have a monster. Don’t worry, they don’t want to hurt you, they just want to love you. You and probably everyone else but that depends on their level of loyalty.

Libras are notorious cheaters and it’s not even because they don’t love you, they do. They just have a really hard time expressing their real feelings because they HATE rocking the boat. They usually learned early in life that when they stand up for what they want and need emotionally, it sometimes created turmoil and conflict making them less likely do continue to do it. This shutting down of speaking up for their own needs carries into adulthood making them sometimes incapable of expressing what they are actually thinking and feeling. Is this why libras cheat? Potentially.

Libras are also chronically insecure and go through great lengths with their appearance to try to look as attractive as possible. Their constant need of validation and approval from others is another reason why libras tend to cheat. If they aren’t getting that validation from their partner (and sometimes even if they are…), libras will continue to look for it other places.

It’s not all about the bad stuff. Libras are some of the sweetest and most thoughtful people you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing and dating. They show you how much they love you through acts of service, cuddles and need to be recognized for all they do for you in a relationship. They will be your friend as well as your lover, spending time with you and generally having fun within the relationship. Libras have a lot of love to give and will gladly and willingly give it to you.

Have you ever loved a libra? What’s your experience. Let me know in the comments.

- Lilly
aka @LillyTheLegend
aka your meme queen