Love at first sight: Libra/Aqua + Taurus/Scorpio

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Hello LeoAquaLibraVibes, 

This is the story of my still ongoing relationship with a Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo rising, Aries Venus.

My name is Abby. I'm a Libra sun, Aquarius moon, Pisces rising. I'm 20 now, but I'll rewind to my sophomore year, 18 years old.

 It was my last year in highschool, i was taking the Arts degree (different school system in Europe). My highschool story hadn't been amazing so far, i had one close friend and a bunch of people i hung out with sometimes but were just fakes. 

The previous year, my cousin Francis had moved in to my school, we were close so we hung out often. 

That year, a new "batch" of freshmen came in, my class was the oldest in Art degree and they were the youngest, so we were sort of supposed to show them around and make them feel welcome. I had gone to the small garden next to my school with my friend, where a bunch of them were apparently hanging out. Francis was sitting there, a bunch of people I didn't know, and there he was. This kid, sitting quiet in the middle of all the noise and laughter, rolling a cigarette and minding his business. Caught my eye right away. I didn't talk to him just yet, but i realized he was friends with Francis already. 

Later on, I asked Francis if he had a girlfriend, just to leave it behind and close the chapter if he did, saving me time and emotional effort. And in fact, he did. 

I was disappointed, but just shrugged it off at the time.

Moving forward

As time went on, I was properly introduced to him (Nathan) and got to know he was a Taurus. More time went on, and he became closer to Francis,  i was already close to him, so Nathan and I started forming some sort of a friendship. 

Both me and him were reserved, quiet, stay-at-home kind of people, so the friendship never really evolved.

But I'll tell you, something happened to me that never happened before: i couldn't get rid of the god damn feeling. I wasn't into him, but when i saw him i was. I didn't wanna date him, but sometimes.... sometimes I did. 

Again, the only connection we had was Francis, our friend in common. We never hung out just the two of us, we never really chatted on any social media. "Friends" was a strange label for our relationship. 

Two years went by.

That last year flew by, summer came around, a summer of hanging out with both of them, going to the river, nights out, roadtrips, then it was time for college, during which i only saw him on weekends. 

My crush didn't fade. It wasn't the type of crush that hurts. More like the type that waits. It was a strange feeling I didn't understand at the time, but I accepted without even thinking. 

Friday, May the 11th 2018. I had arrived from college and went to my cousin Francis house. We were in the balcony when suddenly he proceeds to tell me he knows someone who has a crush on me, and upon me asking who, he replied Nathan. I legit had some sort of positive, good mental breakdown right there on the balcony. I believe that knowing i'm a Libra with a Pisces rising, the amount of daydreaming i did on this man was unending. Suddenly, the chance of it happening. F E A R. 

Next day, his birthday party. It had been on the 7th but he celebrated on Saturday. The whole night felt like a dream. Did his natal chart, Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo rising (wowza, i know), he gave me his jacket, made alot of jokes and innuendos, and rolled a joint (don't smoke kids unless its legal or medical) just for me. At the end of the night, of course, we declared our love for each other in the most corny, cliché way ever and it was absolutely perfect. 

Funniest part of this whole thing ? It was the same story for him. Loving me since he met me, too shy to say anything, didn't want to ruin the friendship we had. I couldn't fucking believe it when he said it. 

Since that day, he's a whole other person to me. His reserved, cool, almost intimidating demeanor have place to a giant teddybear of love. He was so sweet, so playful, not to mention he had that childlike aura that wasn't only the fact hes 3 years younger than me talking, but also definitely his Aries venus. A bit too physically playful at times, but its part of his fire dominance. 

As expected, not even this was his full, true self. His moon held alot of stories, grudges, unacknowledged pains. I tried my best to help him communicate, get it out of him, but my own moon wasn't the best at catering for feelings. 

Despite our differences, despite his defensiveness, my detachment, his aggressiveness, my impossible idealism, his tendency to lie, my insecurities.... in one month and nine days, we will have completed a year. A whole year. I used to say alot that i didn't see any changes in him, despite him saying he's changed so much. Now that it's almost a year, i can definitely see his toxic traits fading away of existence, and the new, loving person he's become. 

Leaving aside dangerous cases of relationships, i think the choice you make when things don't go smoothly with your s/o really depends on how much you love them. if you ever decide to leave, it means you never loved them that much in the first place. if you love them, no matter how much shit goes down, you stay and fix, and improve. If you truly love them, leaving is as much of an option as abandoning your pet when he's sick - would you do that to someone who loves you so much, when they need you the most? 

Have you ever been in love with a Taurus sun or Scorpio moon? How did it go for you? Let us know in the comments.

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