Gemini Season is Upon Us!

gemini season is upon us

Gemini Season is upon us! May 21 - June 20th.

In Taurus season, we connect with “what is ours;” our tools, personal resources, and ultimately the acquisition of our spiritual values. Here, we build our foundation on alignment with what is true for us. As we travel along the wheel on our evolutionary journey, Gemini helps us learn how to best USE these gifts.

Gemini IS the Magician

Imagine The magician in the traditional tarot deck. He discovers he holds these sacred tools within him (cups, swords, wands and coins) and can pull any “suite” he needs at any given time to help him navigate the current situation. He uses his razor sharp intellect in order to know which element he needs to either pull energy inwards for attraction, or to push energy outwards and take action.

Gemini IS the Magician, miraculously manifesting everything necessary for his evolutionary process. He knows the only constant in life is change, and his adaptable essence is what keeps him dancing in the winds.

Today, Mercury Joins the Sun In Gemini, boosting our consciousness throughout the rest of May.

We have been moving towards telepathic connection for some time now, and this opens up a whole new level of communication. We are not able to hide our truth anymore, each thought form holds a vibration and we are becoming more and more sensitive to each others auric field. True attunement lies in the ability to see all sides. It does not mean we have to engage in opposing beliefs. Gemini is known for having a multifaceted view approach, with the gift of being able to sit in someones seat and see life from their stand point. This is how we learning to hold space for one another, honoring the duality we came to experience.

Mental processing looks different for everyone, but due to our enhanced skills, Gemini invites us to explore where we are by processing what is arising, yet moving into detachment of being consumed by the emotion. Transmute restless energy into curiosity by delving into topics of interest. A major lesson for fickle Gemini is to learn to control the mind. We can do this by gathering information, as long as its useful and not to fill up space. Focus your mind with breath work, repeating loving mantras to yourself, binaural beats, guided meditations, or journaling, as we are in a very creative mental expansion. Mercury helps bridge the connection of your personality to your soul so you may communicate clearly with your higher self, and others.  

We feel a pull to listen to our heart and get out of our head

This is the life path for Gemini--to move out of the headspace into their heart space. This is a unifying principal of balance where we are learning to make our egos serve our soul. This twins bridge our mental and emotional bodies, enhancing our love for ourselves~echoing into our love lives! Esoterically, Venus is the soul ruler of Gemini. (Not to worry Libras, she is still your planetary ruler!) This brings in a harmonizing ray to our planet all season long.

Venus recently joined the agent of change, Uranus, in the heavens above. For some, this looks like heart -break as this is how the light pours in. Venus has soul shattering revelations near Uranus, shifting partnerships of all kinds. Trust that what you are parting ways from is serving your highest good. Love is not always easy and painless, but we learn the most about ourselves through another. This is a moment of clarity. Venus knows her worth here and is listening to her inner guidance. For some, this is a deeper connection to an already established relationship.

Remember, this is a major heart opening and can activate us to want to commit deeply to our lover in a new way. Gemini Season works mysteriously, as there is always a polarity that comes from each experience we must integrate to become whole.

Do you have Gemini placements? Let us know where they are in the comments!


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