A Cancer/Pisces who loves an Aries/Scorpio

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Dear LeoAquaLibraVibes,

There's just something about this Aries sun, Scorpio moon, Taurus venus, who've been the center of my universe for 13 years. We initially became best friends, then more. His drive, passion, confidence, and astonishing intellect captivated me like never before. He overflowed me with incredible new knowledge, dreams, ideas. He was, is, an enigma. His fire stole my heart and soul. My Gemini venus was conquered.

He was never one to settle down and commit. We were just a casual adventure, but a sweet one, like narratives of The Beatles' love songs that my Pisces moon would daydream about. And along time we grow closer and deeper, and find a soulmate within each other. Eventually commitment was a conclusion that naturally arrived for both of us, though a traditional marriage is not something we crave to do. 

A few years ago, he fell into a crippling depression, a dark time. We were just starting to live together, but we grew apart. He turned away, I retreated into my shell. He cheated, and I wanted to end us. He begged me to stay, and I didn't have the heart to leave him alone in such a difficult time. There was no way my Cancer sun would ever abandon someone who was already family. I've forgiven him. He tried to mend the damage. But I can never forget.

He's the one who've taught me a lot about courage and confidence, the two things I had never had before. And now, as I am in the process of evolving, repressing a tiny voice that's been wanting to run away and start anew by myself, I'm beginning to wonder if it's just my dramatic side being petty, or is it okay if I still have doubts in us. Or maybe, it's my Leo rising that's just starting to wake up and wanting to roar (and kick some ass back)?

There's just something about this Aries sun, Scorpio moon, Taurus venus, who've been my person until now. We are still best friends, and more. His wellbeing will always be a priority to me. I want him to be happy. His fire will always have my admiration. But for now, my water is still learning to forgive sincerely, and to find my own purpose in the universe. And I hope whatever cloud is still glooming our path, will soon be conquered.

Thank you,


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