Spiritual Awakening is Actually a Shit Show

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Back in 2012, my friend and I were having a conversation and he asked me very simply,
“Do you feel you were put on this earth for something bigger?”
To which I responded, “Duh.” (#LeoAquaLibraProblems)
It ended up being what people in the personal development world call an, “aha moment.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt like I was part of something bigger than myself. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly or how to find it, it was just a vague feeling that I didn’t really dive into until I was asked that question.

From there, I was introduced to the movie (also a book) called, “The Secret” where I learned more about the law of attraction and what that actually meant for life. Wait, thoughts create your reality? Wait. What? I was lost but damn I was intrigued. It FELT right.

After I exhausted my questions about those concepts with friends who already understood them, I started digging a little deeper into spirituality. After all, if there are secrets of the Universe, a Leo sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra rising DEFINITELY wants to know about them. I was introduced to the Youtube Series, “Spirit Science” . From there I dug my teeth into anything I could. I read a handful of books starting with, “The Four Agreements”, “Power of the Subconscious Mind”, "The Alchemist” and graduated to things like “The Kybalion” and went down THAT rabbit hole.

I learned that everyone is connected. Thoughts are things. The present moment is all that matters. As above, so below. Your subconscious doesn’t know how to take a joke. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Intuition is real. Astrology is real. Tarot is real. People can channel spirits. Crystals have healing properties. Intention is everything. You create your own reality.

And holy shit. When you realize all that shit at once and then realize you have to spend the next like 7 FUCKING YEARS unlearning ALL OF THE BULLSHIT you THOUGHT you knew? Oh my god. Like. The last 7 years have been A TRIP amiright?

So even though things are eventually going to get to that sunny spot for the majority of society… we’ll have more time of this mass turmoil. We are UPROOTING the old to make room for the new and it’s beautiful chaos. But, that’s coming from an Aquarius moon… so.

Enjoy the process. Be patient with yourself. Keep asking questions. Protect your energy and lead with love vs fear.

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