Aries Season + Equinox + Full Moon in Libra 3/21/19

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Life is a spiral ⚕and this lunar event is a culmination of all the healing, processing, and integrating we’ve been doing. We are at a turning point in the evolutionary cycle. The equinox energies bring us rapidly into our souls alignment as we have fully decide to step into it. Onward we go!

Venus, the ruler of this lunation happily resides in aquarius bestowing the collective cosmic knowledge and heightened intuition for you to act on a decision you may be hesitant on. We all know libra energy has stagnation with making major life choices. Call upon your inner Aries warrior goddess / god energy this aries season to help take the initiative and make the next step into pioneering your path. She knows how to be selfish in the sense of practicing self love and having no shame of honoring her passions, personal power, CLAIMING what is hers. Aries is what ignites our imaginations and stirs our embers into crackling hearth fires”— Danielle Blackwood.

The vernal equinox is when the light of the day is balanced with the dark of the night. It’s a pivotal point in our journey. With both the moon and the sun opposing at 0 degree we are at the zero point field. This is a massive re-set. There is a conscious effort required to incorporate the innate energy that is within you. Look to your libra sector in your natal chart and see how you can fire it up with the breath of Aries!

Just moments after the full moon we experience Chiron (the soul wound) conjunct the sun (our consciousness) for a moment of truth on what we really need to succeed. We have the freedom of choice. This vibrates a deeply healing, awakening, and clarifying perspective. We are almost out of mercury retrograde, so bear with this passage as we learn to trust ourselves into this NEW.

Libra teaches us to integrate love, will, and intelligence in every situation. Lift your vibration, keep your peace. Underneath the velvet glove is an iron fist determined to keep your love and harmony at all costs. Hold your light, avoid engaging in lower vibrational energies, and decide to take action to live the life you truly want to see yourself thrive in.

Aries ♈︎ tip for stagnancy in making a decision- balance the solar plexus chakra through meditation 
Call upon arch angel Uriel who clears blockages in our knowingness,
Psychic abilities, arch angel Michael to cut cords  ⚔️ 
Essential oils : lemon, grapefruit, juniper. 

Libra ♎︎ urges you to bring more love into your life- balance the heart chakra through meditation, remember laughter is the best medicine. 
Call on Archangel Raphael who heals the heart on all levels through time space and dimension. 
essential oils: rose, carnation, Lily of the valley.

Rose is the highest vibrational flower we have available to us on earth, bring her essence in to feel centered in self love, purpose, and meaning. Let love be the center of your life ⚖️️

Happy Aries season! Enjoy the fire, movement and LOVE!

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This custom and one of a kind Aries Season painting was done by @sarahrileyart, a local Minneapolis artist. Help support creativity and get something that speaks to your soul as an Aries sun, moon or rising.

Painting Details:
11x14 in
oils on wood panel