Aquarius Season is Upon Us

Aquarius season is upon us and that means for Aquarian’s it is their solar return! The sun has done a full dance around your soul blueprint and is sparking this a time of rebirth. Aquarius is screaming, “Give me freedom to choose my path!”

Aquarian’s are the cosmic genius’, the visionary- the revolutionary!

Ruled by Saturn ♄ + Uranus ♅ we are looking to find a positive balance in expressing these energies through the RIGHT human relations. Saturnian Aquarians possess extreme diligence and discipline, but those attuned more to Uranus will welcome change easily with a free gypsy-like spirit, and flow with the spiritual cosmic consciousness. Aquas are most receptive to the universal, collective mind. When Saturn and Uranus energies are balanced, a humanitarian creation calls the inventive genius and now has a driving purpose to serve with a profound cause. The goal is to balance and integrate both Saturn and Uranus into the aquarian life purpose. Once aquarius surrenders his will to the greater good of the whole, through teaching and sharing all of his truth and wisdom, he has now become the water bearer to the whole of humanity.

An unevolved Aquarian may struggle with being too detached or aloof, floating around feelings when emotional situations come about. The rebel without a cause enjoys a good shock factor wherever it be through communication or wearing a bizzare but unique outfit just for fun. Uranus craves to express himself through the mad scientist, aquarian platform. It’s just lightening y’all ⚡️♅⚡️♅⚡️

There was a joke once that the aquarian wasn’t sure what to do with these so called emotions, so he threw them out of his water urn onto humanity, however the water bearer is depicted to be the cosmic one pouring truth on humanity.

With an 11th house affinity, we ask the question “how does the whole fulfill through me?”

This is the house of dreams, visions, goals, and aspirations. Aquarius is looking for their cosmic family, to unite though unique authenticity. The island of misfits is usually where you'll find an Aquarian feeling most at home. That is why our new paradigm IS that there is union in diversity, and the age of Aquarius ushers this in with 5D consciousness. 

Aquarius needs alone time to tap into his divine mind, ruling the 3rd eye.

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Work with this energy by taking a journey through a pineal gland cleanse! Lose the flouride all, you DONT need it!! We want that baby decalcified!! This is your connection to higher psychic receptivity. 

The URGE to serve is strong with the water bearer, we must be a part of a greater purpose. There will be many sparks that aquarius wants to dive into to progress humanity forward, and he must embark on these bursts of lightening passions! This is the ultimate path of freedom. Livin la vida revolucíon is of utmost importance!!

Getting in touch with your Aquarius side

Healed by cold, winter air, the sparkling snow is regenerative for aqua babes. Their energy is of inward flowing air, and a crystalline canvas supercharges creation. 

I’m sorry what I know hurts you,” may be about the only apology you receive from a strong, opinionated Aquarian. Their Motto is “I know” after all!

Aquarius moon-especially needs to learn to deal with emotions more than any other Moon sign. Much soul growth occurs when you connect deeply within and feel. Develop patience for your emotions. intimacy fears can be a biggie for this placement.

Calling all Aquarius Placements

Everyone who has aquarius in their chart, take a look at that energy field, or “house” to see what part of you needs freedom and individuality expression for the next 30 days! 

Strong Aquarius placements, especially sun, moon, and rising, may feel the call to fully step into your true evolved, authentic purpose more than ever at this time. We are ushering in the Age of Aquarius and we all have this powerful truth with in each of us. It’s time to imagine the unimaginable, to anchor the creative genius inside all of us and make them our true "golden living dreams of visions." 

…. When the moon is in the 7th house, and jupiter aligns with mars....peace will guide our planets, and LOVE will steer the stars! This is the dawning of the age of aquarius...

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Author: Dayna Connolly/Professional Astrologer

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