New Moon in Virgo 8/29/2019


New moon in Virgo at 6° 

This new moon cleans up the party that leo season ushered in. Virgo is mutable earth energy, bridging the space between summer and fall. This lunar event can bring in a heightened theme of anticipation & anxiousness, all of which are guiding you to move forward with your projects and dreams. 

Virgo is depicted as the virgin goddess, although she is far from prude. The virgin represents she is whole within herself, needing no other to feel complete. You will also see virgo connected to the sacred hearth and altar flame, as her most empowered state is her ability to keep her own fire burning. 

.This new moon at 6° comes with a unique stellium where the moon, mercury, sun, mars, and Venus all unite in Virgos healing momentum. The celestial bodies are lining up to propel you further into serving your goddess energy. If you feel you’ve gotten scattered or off path the past few months, this new moon ushers in the gift of discernment so you can take inspired action on your trajectory. 

Our inner goddess knows a life of service is rewarding, but she also knows when it’s time to step into self improvement.

Ultimately, this passage is practically showing you where you may need to serve yourself. It may look like decluttering your sacred space, and purifying your vessel. Virgo rules the digestive tract and wants you to pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods. The vessel is Virgo’s guiding compass reminding you the body talks what it needs. Having trouble moving on your creative projects? Is your work space clean? Do you want to lucid dream and astral travel, you may want to “minimalist” your bedroom! Cleaning house physically and mentally allows for the divine to flow through more easily. 

This Virgo star cluster will amp up the sector in your chart needing more structure and organization. Lean into this energy and know that working with this flow unlocks other parts of yourself that you’ve been wanting to activate. It’s all intertwined.

Rituals are not just for new moons, they are for every day living. This Virgo lunation is lovingly persuasive ~ reminding you that the little practices, prayers and intentions you connect to make a world of a difference. It is in our persistence of honoring our self love practices, we connect to our inner wisdom, bestowing blessings in the void. 

Astro Tip: Look to the Virgo part of your chart, notice the house and planets nearby. This is a fresh new beginning for you in this room of your soul mansion. 

Many blessings to you this Virgo season ♥️

Love, Dayna 

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