Solar Eclipse In Cancer 2019 + New Moon

solar eclipse

Unconscious eclipsing the Conscious 

New Moon SOUL-AR Eclipse In Cancer June 2 12:15 pct 

This Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer aligns with the node of fate, (also in Cancer) guiding us into the taproot of our consciousness. Opposing the new moon we find Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node all conjunct in Capricorn. What does this mean? We simply cannot come into our own power until we create a powerful anchor within. This involves deeply healing and integrating.  Healing happens in layers, so there is no forcing a healing, it is avoiding the supported activation that can push you further away from yourself. The polarity between Cancer and Capricorn draws focus to our inner foundation and outer power.

Barbara Hand Clow asks “Am I so deeply involved in my home or inner subconscious exploration that I am disempowered in the world out there? Or am I so involved in power struggles that I have forgotten exploration of my inner world?” How do you see your inner state of being reflect back to you in your outer reality?  What comes to mind for you when you explore these questions? 

Eclipses ARE Fated Passages

Eclipses are fated passages where the sun and the moon kiss and meet at the point of destiny, our North node. Eclipse energy can take a few weeks to manifest in real time, so this overall dance in the cosmos asks you to stay patiently focused on your desires and heart centered wishes.

You navigate what is happening while staying in alignment for what is true for you. You needn’t make wildly life changing choices, unless they feel appropriate. This is more about surrendering to what is coming forward, or leaving, while co creating your reality within.  I want to gently remind you if something feels like it’s falling away, it is because your vibration has risen so much… you are preparing to welcome in something more in proper alignment for you. You are identifying your discord that is preventing you from attaining your desires! This is truly a gifted opportunity and blessing!

Total solar eclipses create a brief disruption in light. Here, in this moment , we have a chance to see clearly in the dark see something we could not see before. What was once a feeling or “essence” is now a profound knowing. This creates a powerful “Soular” activation where your subconscious is illuminated. Something may be “eclipsed” out of your life for you to follow a more soul nourishing path. 

When the moon crosses the sun, especially in a perfect alignment of a “Total Eclipse” the unconscious sheds its light.

It flows like a stream and sparkles with an awakened inner knowing...a truth that cannot be explained logically. The moon connects us to our past, she is the ruler of this New Moon + the sum total of our past lives. many of us will feel something come up from the past that wants attention, and we must love it like we love a new born child. Often called shadow work, when we bring “light” or attention to the part of us that needs processing we are clearing healing and integrating. We move towards the sun- our SOUL-AR expression! We align more with purpose. 

Chiron’s Influence:

This wouldn’t be a deeply healing, life changing passage without my favorite character, Chiron! He’s making a solid square to this event~ lovingly bringing you to a sound examination of where you need to focus your healing growth. He will most likely activate a painful childhood wound that needs some tender care. I love Chiron for he helps us clear the emotional body + guides many people into their healing purpose. Known as the “rainbow bridge” to higher levels of consciousness, he respectfully activates your deepest wound into becoming your greatest gift to share with the world. Once we heal the emotional body and no longer find ourselves being emotionally triggered, we are stepping into Neptune’s Mastery of Cancer where our focus is on our psychic gifts and abilities. 

May it be a release of a painful relationship, a career no longer bringing you the joy it once did, an outworn way of thinking, a limiting or fear based belief system, an emotional pattern that keeps you in a perpetual loop of victimization, poor habitual health patterns... perhaps you are ready to heal an addiction? You are discovering the root of how your wound plays back to you in real time! Allow whatever IT is to be released into the supportive arms of the cancerian waters. She will recycle this energy and return it to you in the most creative, loving way. All you need to do here is SET YOUR INTENTIONS. Focus on the way you want to feel. Worry is a form a prayer that will attract what you do not want. Trust it is all for new opportunities TO reveal themselves! (The Eclipse sextiles Uranus in Taurus creating a fully supported bridge of CHANGE for you…you cannot mess this up!) 

Imagine rafting down a river and you see  rapids approaching…instead of trying to move way and avoid the rapid, you embrace the rapid and paddle through it, you work with the rifts and suddenly you are back to calm waters. Maybe your arms are a bit sore, your flip flops fell off the boat, but you are not hurt, and you feel stronger than ever! You look back and celebrate how your inner power came up to safely guide you through what seemed to be the most terrifying moment of your life. You suddenly have a new profound respect and love for yourself. This is how we work with this eclipse. 

Cancer is the mother, goddess of compassion and empathy.

She is the foundation of your soul.  She rules the home & oversees what makes you feel grounded and rooted. Cancer connects us to our karma and gifts we have inherited from our ancestors and family. Ruling the “Nadir” in our chart, we can look there to see what exactly we bring in from our lineage. We discover what emotionally triggers us, and the motives around it with our cancerian house. She can be quite moody, or “mooney” as I like to say  because she is the empathic healer who feels everyone's pain. She often mistakes others emotions as her own! Once she can distinguish her own feelings away from another, she is more connected to her soul level ruler, Neptune. Once we heal the emotional body (moon related) and no longer find ourselves reacting from emotional impulse, we are stepping into Neptune’s Mastery of Cancer. This is where our focus moves towards our psychic gifts and intuitive abilities. We can nurture others from this place without draining ourselves. Cancer’s wish is for us to pursue what we love, this is what connects us to our higher self. This is how we live here on earth connected to spirit. 

She will doubly nurture + support your dreams and wishes... without question. She believes anything is possible with enough loving care. She intuit’s what she needs without allowing the linear mind to sway her. knowing the power of giving, and receiving...She loves in all of her phases, even when she is not feeling full. 

The energy around cancer’s passage is to build up enough inner foundation so you can step away from the familiar…journey outward into the world and carry out your soul mission. 

Cancer sun and moon meeting at 10 ° 10° vibrates new beginnings, magical opportunities that perhaps ask you to step out of your comfort zone.

Cancers most challenged when change presents itself. But it is when the crab decides to come out of the ocean and explore land, that she discovers she is never truly separate from her home. Anchored within, It is here she starts her special journey to feeling psychologically confident, and divinely connected to all that is. 

This eclipse season is all to provide for your life purpose, and soul mission. Your inner knowings are speaking to you from this space of unconditional love. It’s time to romance your dreams enough to step away from whatever blockage  is hindering your growth. Pour all that love and magic into what you are creatively birthing. You get to nurture your craft the way a mother nurtures her new born child. You are transforming... you are self mastering. You are exploring new crevices of the sea side. You are meant to experience love and bliss ~ allow yourself to be awakened from the eternal love of mother’s kiss. 

***We’ve been directed to do inner work for quite some time now, and with 6 planets retrograde for the rest of the year we are still clearing, and healing. Allow yourselves to ride these waves without resistance. We are all doing this together at different levels. each wave helps the next wave awakening. We are preparing for a more outward shift that begins when the nodal axis shifts into Gemini and Sagittarius in May of 2020. 


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