Full Moon in Sagittarius 6/17/19


This full Moon settles in just before 26 degrees in Sagittarius, perfectly aligning with the galactic center of our universe. Located within the Milky Way, this is the birthing portal of our galaxy. Usually full moons have a big release energy, which is still true, although this one is more so an activation of brilliance. Yes, that black hole that was recently discovered!? This is exactly the point in time and space I am referring to. This moon’s passage now becomes the channel which filters the heavens to us ~ activating each of us in a unique way to create our vision of purpose. This lunation Is an illumination of what you came to creatively give birth to!

Can you carve out a life of purpose?

This purpose is the focal point for your inner sagittarian archetype. It is here we set out-- fires blazing-- to set out on yet another quest!

Jupiter oversees this cosmic dance off as his symbol reminds us that lack and limitation is merely a construct of the mind. He rules the abundance frequency. In the lands of Jupiter ruling sagittarius-- it’s a “mind over matter” mentality. The one thing jupiter asks for,  is that you believe in yourself, so his influence can uplift, expand, and stretch you in ways that may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but ultimately the most rewarding. His influence is make your Dreams come true. You just have to tap in by having the vision for it. Remember, he is 350x larger than earth and he will magnify your wishes as such.

**Astro Tip~ look to where 26 degrees Sagittarius is in your natal chart. This is the spark force of your life purpose. Look to see any planets nearby and aspects they are making. What comes to mind at first when glancing at this part of your soul mansion? Yea that rush of excitement? There’s a reason you feel enchanted about certain things... These are the passions of your soul, not just the egos desires. We feel sparkly and warm in our body when this alignment occurs. Imagine stabilizing here. This is an affirmation that your soul’s visions are meant to be grounded from the ethers and anchored here on earth.

It’s our vision that serves as a guidepost, a target to aim your arrows. Its okay to miss, but keeping your eyes on a targeted intention is the medicine for cultivating our dreams. Visualize you already have it. Believe it is yours. And so it is.

This passage is our relief after a consistent ride of energy waves we’ve endured in Gemini Season. Allow the ever expanding, medicinal, jovial optimism of Sagittarius’ fire to purify any blockages and know it is for your highest good. Our voyage of mental purging can leave many of us feeling exhausted and fatigued. Harmony always comes after conflict and this moon is an agent of balance, a breakthrough.  This is the galactic birth of a new you, after a release of something else...a final stage of alchemical purification.

This is an activation of remembrance... of why you are really here on Gaia during this time.

The scattered energies that we have been navigating are meant to activate your nervous system to bring our unique gifts and trades forward in this time. This has been a wild few weeks of accelerated light integration. Take a deep breath,  pause, and relax into knowing we get to rest comfortably in the arms of relief.... until the summer solstice.

Feelings of doubt, insecurity, worthlessness fade as you melt away an old identity.

We learn in this brief luminary face off of the sun and moon, that opposing forces make us whole. In Gemini, we gather information, we learn, we are extremely curious,and we communicate~ as we get inspired!  In Sagittarius, we teach what we have learned. We use our words as an art form, spreading our knowledge that aligns with what we believe to be true. Gemini is a harmonizing role ~ reminding us we each see the world through our own lens of perspective...and no two lenses are the same. Sagittarius innately honors those differences and speaks their truth without a filter. It is HERE that we dissolve duality. She knows her message will reach the right audience. She TRUSTS the universe has her back and what’s meant for her will find her. She walks a life of meaning and faith.  We don’t try to understand others here, we remember that we come to understand ourselves. We heal the separation of duality with others by doing so within ourselves.

We step into our sovereignty by self validating with Love and care.

Every challenge becomes a blessing when you take the role of the sage. Self mastery is acknowledging and thanking every experience thus far. All things are possible—you are the creator. The creator shapes his own reality by consciously creating while staying in alignment of what is true for you. It is in Sagittarius that we transcend the linear brain to operate from our higher intuition. We no longer need more information to make a decision. We intuitively know how to navigate any given moment. We are directly synced to our higher self. We see beyond what once served us, and can courageously  bring ourselves to the gate of initiation to fully execute-- yet again --another vision. With limitless possibilities before you, Sagittarius reminds us it’s not about the destination~ it’s the journey that we are ever evolving through.

In this spiral, we are still allowed to help others as we simultaneously work on ourselves. True mastery of self involves knowing when to pull back for inner expansion, and when to honorably launch forward into the seat of your soul guided by Sagittarius’ arrow of the one pointed disciple.

Each of us here are gifted with the ability to activate and inspire. Inspiration comes from exploring a variety of experiences & It’s the experiences that directly shape us to be a channel of wisdom.

We marvel in this space of sorcery as we know that our earth is a giant classroom in the evolutionary journey to self-discovery. We are continuously learning. Directing activities towards purpose and intention will help contain the mental energies of June. The major gift of this current wave is that each of us have a voice, something marvelous to share, characterized by source or seed wisdom. We never know who we can inspire + uplift when we stay focused on our goals and desires, not our fears. Allow this beautiful illumination to shed light on your hidden treasures within, bring them forward and start putting them to use. Trust yourself, have faith that you are fully supported by the divine. You are divine. Claim your worth by reflecting that light to others, just as the moon reflects the sun’s rays in the darkness of the night.

If you feel called to further explore how this passage is activating your life purpose~ I highly recommend a transit session!


Professional Astrologer

Dayna Connolly

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