Full Moon in Scorpio

Artist - teagan white 🧡♏︎🖤

Artist - teagan white 🧡♏︎🖤

Full Moon Saturday, May 18 2019⚕27 degrees Scorpio ♏︎

Scorpio energy operates on harmony through conflict, and many of us are in that place of tension as we struggle through the battle of death to old form. We’ve been seeing these energies of the underworld try to hold on in our dreams as we work to dismantle the old matrix system.

Although it seems like everything is crumbling, think of this as the stage right before the Phoenix emerges from her own ashes. She intuitively knows when she needs to go within to shed the outworn layers. In the evolutionary journey of our divine labyrinth, we must experience a complete metamorphosis to become self aware. The struggles between the lower self’s desires are no longer a match for your soul centered emergence.

We only fear change because it requires surrender to the unknown. Some of us simply fear our greatness, and suppress it for trauma related reasons. This passage is one of release- transmutation- and alchemy. Honestly assessing where we are avoiding the depths of our being will be called for further exploration. Right before things become clear we experience disturbances and energy fluctuations.

This is the urge to transform + face shadow on a micro and macro scale. It is here you may discover your belief systems were built on a false understanding. You’ve seen the cracks form and felt this is coming. This is your next level to unlock and revel in the untouched parts of your being. Scorpio energy is directly related to shamanism which is the ability to heal with the unseen energies and beings of our universe. A resurrection to the new awaits, this is an invitation to create a new path. Relax, surrender to the destruction, trust it is for your highest good, remember things are not happening to you, they happen FOR you. Ground yourself into the loving nature of Gaia and celebrate your new found truth on your ever expanding and unfolding journey. ⚕

Are you feeling the effects of the full moon? Let us know in the comments.

With the transits happening right now the energy is very intense. Some are feeling lost, some empowered, some are shedding old patterns but we’re all looking for a positive direction to head in that feeds our souls.

Because of all of this intense energy, Dayna is offering HOUR long transit + tarot sessions for only $65 until Tuesday, May 21st. If you book before that date, your rate will be locked in. Usually $125!


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