What's your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?

what's your sun moon and rising?

Me: What’s your sun, moon and rising?

People brand new to astrology:

If you’ve been following along with my memes, polls in my stories and videos, you’ve heard me talking a lot about sun signs, moon signs and rising signs. Finding your sun, moon and rising sign is often a game changer and can help you understand yourself on a deeper level.

If you’re brand new to astrology and I ask you what’s your sun, moon and rising— you likely have NO IDEA! You will know your sun sign, as that’s the sign that’s based off of your birthday but your moon and rising take a little bit more digging.

What’s your sign? = What’s your SUN sign?

You’ve maybe heard of “Leo Season” or “Gemini Season” — each sun sign has a 4 week window throughout the year in which they SHINE. Like I said, you find out your sun sign based on your birthday. Since I was born on August 15th, and Leo season runs from July 23 - August 22nd, I know that I’m a LEO SUN!

What’s your sun sign? Check out the list below to find yours.


What’s your Moon and Rising?

Here’s the part where we actually need to look some stuff up because I can’t just know your birthday and automatically know your moon sign or rising signs.

On a basic level, your moon sign represents your moods and emotions, the part of you you tend to keep mostly to yourself and comes out when it’s just YOU or the people you are most comfortable with.

Your rising sign is often what you are showing to the world, or your first impressions that you give off. (Please note your rising is also called ‘Ascendant’ or ASC and you will need to know your TIME of birth)

Click here and enter your birth information to find your moon and rising signs.

What’s your sun, moon and rising?! Let us know in the comments!

Astrology is very complex and your sun, moon and rising signs are just scratching the surface. I won’t get into ALL of the details just yet, but learning your sun moon and rising signs are a really good place to start.

If you’d like a deeper look into what your natal chart means for you and your life, visit our chart readings page. Get a full natal chart reading with Dayna to learn to live your highest potential by exploring your soul’s purpose, and unlocking your unique gifts + abilities.

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