The Signs as early 2000's Pop Punk Lyrics part 1

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Growing up I’d walk to school every morning with Blink-182 or some random pop-punk mix blaring in my discman. Now I’m taking a look back at some of my favorite lyrics that my little Leo sun, Aquarius moon, Libra rising resonated with. I have included partial lyrics of chosen songs and dive into how they represent each sign. If you think another song should be in your signs place, let me know in the comments! I sincerely hope you enjoy part one of: The Signs as Early 2000’s Pop Punk Lyrics.

Aries - Cartel “Burn This City” - 2005 Chroma

Play it again, our games of love and lust. (This is literally what aries run on, this is what is in their veins)
There's no such thing, no there's never too much. (Can an aries ever get enough of whatever it is they are getting? no)
And we were so, so sure, no we never had a doubt. (When has an aries ever thought they were wrong? I’ll wait)
We're counting down the days to getting out and
Who knew we'd get so far? (aries usually ends up FAR from where they originally were, they have an extreme urge and need to explore other places and experience new and a variety of things. If they are stuck in a smaller town they are usually the type to GTFO as soon as possible)

Cause our days were numbered by nights on too many rooftops. (Aries tend to be night owls, able to stay up until all hours of the night and not really burn out when they are doing something fun or that they are passionate about)
They said we're wasting our lives,
Oh at least we know, that if we die - we lived with passion. (SPEAKING of passion, have you ever met an aries? I don’t care what they are into, it could be painting alpaca toenails in the rocky mountain sun for all I know, but WHATEVER it is, they are passionate about it and if they die doing it, they die doing it)
They said we'd burn so bright.
We burn this city, and go.  (Aries is a fire sign and yes of course they burn bright as fuck. So why not set the whole city on fire, watch it burn and then skip town? Sounds like an exhilarating night for an aries)

Cancer - Green Day “Basket Case” - 1994 Dookie (Throw Back)

Do you have the time to listen to me whine (HELLO! Cancer is the ultimate WHINER of the zodiac)
About nothing and everything all at once (and literally.. like they will pull things out of the air to whine about that don’t even make sense to others around them)
I am one of those
Melodramatic fools (yes. Yes you are)
Neurotic to the bone
No doubt about it (Absolutely no doubt, cancers have SO many feelings that they can’t help but to have emotional episodes on the regular)

Sometimes I give myself the creeps (Cancers tend to be very paranoid although overly trusting)
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me (Cancers intuition can get really confused because they absorb so many other peoples energies that they aren’t really sure which moods, thoughts and feelings are actually theres or did they just pick up on it from the person they are around?)
It all keeps adding up
I think I'm cracking up (Life keeps piling on, usually Cancer can get to a point of laughter when they finally get to the other side)
Am I just paranoid?
Or am I just stoned (Cancer has a lot of feels and one way they cope with feeling all of the things and the constant need to take care of everyone is to smoke copious amounts of cannabis)

Virgo- Sum 41 “Motivation” - 2001 All Killer No Filler

What's the point of never knowing at all? (Even though virgo comes across as a MASSIVE know it all, they actually are really insecure in the fact that they will never be able to gain all of the information in the universe, like, it stresses them out to know they can’t learn everything)
When every step I take is always too small. (Constantly self-criticizing, a virgo can be well praised, well liked, well paid, well established and they’ll STILL think their efforts are just not big enough)
Maybe it's just something I can't admit, 
But lately I feel like I don't give a shit. (Sometimes Virgo can lose their motivation if they feel there is too much to accomplish and they don’t have the resources to make something happen)

Motivation such an aggravation (People are always looking to virgo to motivate them, but who does virgo look to for motivation? Usually they only have themselves)
Accusations don't know how to take them (People talk lots of shit about Virgo and they are never really sure what to do with the information they receive)
Inspiration getting hard to fake it (Virgo will fake it until they make it if they need to, even if it’s a sacrifice of themselves)
Concentration never hard to break it (With so many things going on in Virgo-brains at once, it’s easily for them to get distracted)
Situation never what you want it to be (again, always hyper-critical of self and situations, it’s almost impossible for anyone (even themselves) to live up to virgo standards)

Scorpio- Blink-182 “Stay Together for the Kids” - 2001 Take off Your Pants and Jacket

It's hard to wake up
When the shades have been pulled shut (Scorpio often retreats to darkness and seclusion when the world gets to be too much)
This house is haunted
It's so pathetic (Scorpio has a tendency to see the bad side of things and be downers when the things in their lives aren’t going well. Don’t expect a scorpio in a bad mood have ANYTHING nice or productive to say)
It makes no sense at all
I'm ripe with things to say
The words rot and fall away (Always WANTING to say something, Scorpio often hides their true feelings due to not being able to fully trust others and they end up keeping their emotions and thoughts to themselves and often end up resentful)
What stupid poem could fix this home
I'd read it every day (turning to poetry and writing as escapism for their moodiness, wishing words could make their current reality better than it is)

Aquarius- Good Charlotte “The Anthem” - 2001 The Young and The Hopeless

And my high school: it felt more to me
Like a jail cell, a penitentiary. (Aquarius can be very smart and good at school but they will still sit there and watch the clock tick by slowly, knowing they are meant for bigger and better things than to be sitting under other people’s control for however many hours in a day)
My time spent there
It only made me see

That I don't ever want to be like you.
I don't want to do the things you do. (Seeing how others interact with each other throws aquarius off and they quickly realize through socialization that the psychology of people and relationships are fascinating. Aquarius sees themsevles on the outside looking in, choosing which behaviors make sense and which don’t when looking at overly emotional and dramatic people)
I'm never gonna hear the words you say (Aquarius legit has their own set of lingo they use, weirdos — It’s my moon sign so I’m roasting myself too don’t worry)
Cause I don't ever wanna.
I don't ever want to be.
You don't want to be just like you (Why be just like someone else when you could be 100% yourself? Aquarius will never understand)

Go to college, a university
Get a real job, that's what they said to me
But I could never live the way they want (People will try to tell aquarius how to live their lives their entire lives, but they really know it’s up to them and what THEY want at the end of the day)
I'm gonna get by and just do my time
Out of step while they all get in line. (Non-conforming is aquarius af lets be real)
I'm just a minor threat so pay no mind (They don’t always crave the attention for their views whereas other signs might (cough Leo)…)

Pisces Blink-182 “Going Away To College” - 1999 Enema of the State

Why does it feel the same
To fall in love or break it off (being dramatic and comparing the cycles of love and loss to feeling the same, noting the enormous loss pisces feel when they let lovers go, literally a piece of their soul)
And if young love is just a game then
I must have missed the kick off (feeling like when they are younger they have so much love in the world to give and unable to find the correct people to give it to, feeling like they missed out on something when really it may happen later in life)
Don't depend on me to ever follow through on
Anything but I'd go through hell for you and (sacrificing self to make the relationship work and make sure that the other person is happy, even when pisces isn’t really sure it can pull through on all the promises they want to keep)

I haven't been this scared in a long time (fairly classic for Pisces to have an emotional attachment that would lead to fear based thinking)
And I'm so unprepared so here's your valentine
Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody (Pisces show off their ROMANTIC side and they do it in the best ways they know how)
This world's an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me (Pisces wants to become one with their lover and they see the pain in the world and feel it on all levels of their soul. To have a lover is a beautiful thing for them and they are able to see a lot of the worlds beauty through the love they have for the person they love)

Do you agree with the song we chose or would you choose a different one? Let us know in the comments!

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