Unevolved Leo and Pisces

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Hey leoaqualibravibes,

I wanted to share this story because it’s weighed heavily on my heart. It’s the time a Pisces man loved me, and I loved him I just wasn’t ready.

I met him at work and from the first time I saw him, I was entranced by him. He had a magnetism about him. Being a Leo, I knew how to get attention and when it comes to guys at work, you plant a seed or two and then let them come to you. You know how to flirt and do it well. Leo and Pisces can flirt with the best of them.

We ended up becoming closer at work and every time we’d work together we’d flirt more and more shamelessly. It got to points where we would whisper slightly sexual things in each others ears. Having a work crush was amazing and it gave me a reason to want to go.

One night we hung out outside of work and went to a party with some other coworkers. Me and Mr. Pisces went upstairs into a bedroom where we just talked, laughed and flirted. I sat on his lap. I kissed him. I liked him a lot but I wasn’t really ready for anything serious.

I should have stopped but my Leo-needing-attention-ness gets me into trouble sometimes when it comes to other people’s feelings. It only took a few more weeks for me to stay over at his place. I ended up sleeping with him and I loved how connected and close I felt with him. I felt safe. I should have hung on but I got scared and told him over the next few days that I wasn’t ready and that I was sorry. I could feel his pure HUGE pisces heart break and it was gut-wrenching.

I hope he can forgive the person I was.

- Anonymous

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