The Signs We've Loved Before pt 3

By this point in your life, I’m willing to bet you’ve been in love more than once. And even if you’re not sure if what you felt was love, no one really is. We all have different definitions of love based on how we were raised and conditioned by our families, generally. We learned how to love in different ways, as different signs with different dominant energies. No wonder everything is so confusing for everyone.

The way I love you isn’t going to be the same way you love me. Yet, here we are. Loving each other. Love is important. Love teaches you things. This can be romantic love or this can be the love of a friend, a family member. Love is really just deeply caring about someone’s well-being. Some people are able to do this a lot, some people have a harder time with it. I’d like to dig into the astrological reason for why certain signs may love in different ways.

Enjoy part 3.

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Capricorn love feels forbidden in a sense, because Capricorn’s rarely dish out their love for free. With that being said, Capricorn’s will not date or be in a relationship with someone when it doesn’t make sense for their life plan financially. Are relationships a business transaction to Capricorn? No, but they literally cannot ignore their innate need to find solid ground and only build upon it. Capricorn will know if you make sense for them right away but may keep you along for a while just to make sure before making any real moves. Once a Capricorn loves you, they turn into a gooshy little bitch which is why they take so long to make sure you’re worth loving. Love scares Capricorn because it doesn’t always make sense like most other things in their lives. When a Capricorn decides they love you and they want to do this life thing with you, they are typically very loyal and focused on building something amazing with you by their side.

Capricorn’s are an earth sign and with that, they their emotions tend to be more surface level and “down to earth”. Now I’m not saying Capricorn’s lack depth, because they don’t, but their emotions tend to be more concrete than others and fewer and farther between. If your Capricorn lover becomes too cold and distant, they likely don’t see you as someone worth sharing a life with any longer and are probably secretly building another life with someone else behind the scenes. It’s not personal, it’s business. Capricorn is very critical of their partner and always feels the way they are doing things is superior, and let’s be honest, it usually is.

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Aquarius love is unlike any other love you’ve experienced. It’s as deep as a water signs love but with it’s own airy demeanor. Loving an aquarius is like loving something that you can look at, taste and see but never quite get a hold of. The more you try to tie down your aquarius lover, the more smothered they feel. When an aquarius loves you, they only see you. They aren’t worried about anyone else in the world besides themselves and you. Their love feels like the love between friends or even siblings, but know that it is still romantic in nature. Aquarius needs to feel like you are attached to all parts of their soul before completely committing to you, and they will test you out by judging your reactions to their needs. If we’re being honest about aquarius in bed, it can be kind of uneventful due to their preoccupation with themselves and inability to get out of their own head.

Aquarius’ needs are many, but it’s not hard once you’ve figured them out. The hard part though is just that, figuring them out. Your aquarius lover wants and needs attention but only at specific times and when they are in specific moods, making loving them pretty challenging for other signs. They want original love and compliments and rarely get tricked by flattery. Being by themselves is usually preferable to being with other humans, so if an aquarius is spending more time with you then by themselves— they fucking LOVE you.

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Pisces: When you fall in love with a Pisces, it’s a deeper connection than you’ve had with most. The amount of pleasure, fun, lust for life and enjoyment that comes along with the love of a Pisces makes them addicting. Pisces love feels comfortable and at home. They want to take care of you and make sure you’re happy and comfortable at all times. Pisces will make sure you feel like the most attractive person in the world and they are lucky to be with you. The sex is next level and it’s as if you merge souls with this person, as they are able to feel deeply and apply feelings to sexual intimacy more than any other sign. A pisces will try to heal you or fix you in some capacity, even if you’re not fully ready to be fixed. And if you don’t go with their flow, sometimes Pisces can turn into an overly sensitive asshole.

It’s mostly fun and games with Pisces, until you realize how overly emotional and ridiculous they can be. The smallest things that wouldn’t phase another person can seem devastating to the dramatic and emotionally erratic Pisces. Usually empaths, Pisces mood is often dictated by your own mood so be careful not to push your moodiness on them— it WILL rub off. If you can deal with someone who is constantly taking things personally and extreme batches of moodiness, the positive parts of Pisces love will outweigh the bad.

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Sagittarius love is complex. It feels like it should be easy considering who they are on the surface. Normally Sagittarius is very fun and loving and this carries over into their relationships. Sagittarius love will have you swearing up and down that you have found your soul mate, the person you want to take over the world with. Sagittarius has this way of making you feel like one of the most special and important people on the planet. Their warmth, optimism and love of learning will make you want to spend all of your time with them and jump inside of their brain to see if you can figure it out. I mean, you won’t be able to but you’ll definitely be able to give it your best shot. Sagittarius usually has a lot of different lovers throughout life and with each of them will be an intense experience full of love but also drama.

Sagittarius is also that crazy person you dated that one time. With deep emotions and fire can come a firestorm and that’s what happens when life gets to be too stressful for your Sagittarius lover. They will turn to alcohol or other substances to deal with their feelings and will go out, party and talk to as many people as possible to try to fill their void. Sagi can be extremely manipulative and abusive when in a bad romantic relationship where neither parties feel like they are able to thrive. If your Sagittarius lover gets to a point of brooding and moodiness, know they are the only ones able to pull themselves out of it and you never really had a chance of fully understanding them (unless you’re another Sagi).

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