When an Aries loves a Sagittarius + Cancer Moons

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Hey LeoAquaLibraVibes,

During my freshman year of high school, I had a math class with a really shitty teacher. Sophomore year, she left to be a professor at a university, and then this year (my junior year), she came back.

In my class, there was this boy, he’s a Sagittarius sun with a Cancer moon and Scorpio Venus and I’m a female Aries sun with a Cancer moon and Aries Venus, I had seen him before but hadn’t really noticed him. I saw him and just randomly said “Hey [name]! Mrs [teacher’s name] is back” and he said “Hey [my name]. I know I went to visit her” and we started laughing and joking about the class and we became kinda friends and would say hi to each other in the halls and stuff.

Everyday after school, I run and use the weight room to exercise. I saw him by the field too, with one of my guy friends who happens to be his best friend; funny thing is the 3 of us had math together freshman year and the 2 boys became best friends because of that class. So I had just smoked with my friend (Don’t smoke unless it’s legal pls or medical condition — Leo Aqua Libra Vibes) and I came to do my workout, and the boy and our mutual friend came up to me and I was drinking water like a MANIAC. I took a breath, looked at them, and said “I’m high as shit right now”.

The Sagittarius boy started smiling at me and became really interested and then I said bye and went to my spot, but a little later, he came over to me and sat down. I was confused so I asked him what he was doing, and he said “I’m hanging out with you”.

So we hung out while I did my workouts and at the end, I hugged him and it was the BEST hug I ever received. I hug everyone, so this was very special to me. I pulled back., looked at him, and I smiled so hard and my eyes got all watery and he was smiling and he asked me “What’s wrong?” and I said “That was the best hug ever”, and then he hugged me again.

The next day, I was high, and he asked me “Will you go to homecoming with me?” and in my head I thought to myself ‘There’s no way he’s ACTUALLY asking me. He’s way too hot for me. This is a joke’ (I had been messed with before by different guys and I didn’t want to look stupid) so I laughed and said “Oh yeah for sure” very sarcastically and we both gave each other a look and realized that we were both serious, but not at the same time and wanted to keep it interesting.

Everyday after that, whenever he saw me, he’d hug me tight. Later on, I’d always catch him looking at me and when we’d make eye contact, I’d give him a little wink and he’d smile. A couple weeks later, it was our homecoming dance. I go with my friend group and as soon as I see him and we lock eyes, that fool did NOT stop staring at me. I was standing in line with my girl friends (the entrance lines were divided into 2 lines, one girl line and one guy line) and after I entered, he gave me a hug.

For the first hour, I’d see him and just wink or smile or kick the back of his knee in. By the second hour, I got bored and I realized I REALLY REALLY wanted him. I walked back onto the dance floor and found him in the back with his guy friends, approached him, said “You’re supposed to be my date and you haven’t even danced with me yet”, he smiled and looked shocked, and I grabbed his hand, and led him to dance.

He didn’t realize how sexual I am until we started dancing and at first he grabbed me, turned me around, and smiled and said “WHOA” and I said “What?” and he just nodded his head and we kept dancing. We held hands the whole night. Later, we got bored because the music sucked and we went outside and started flirting heavily. We kept touching each other and getting closer and then we left the dance to go make out at my car.

Afterwards, I said “You use a lot of tongue” and he said “Yeah” and looked embarrassed, and I said “That’s not a bad thing”, “That was super short, but next time won’t be” and he said “Do you promise there’s a next time?” and I smiled and said yes as we walked, hand in hand, to the school to separate and find our friends.

The next week, we started texting and talking on the phone. We made plans to hangout the next Saturday. We ended up hanging out Friday night too, both high as fuck, at a football game. I was so tired and he held me and hugged me the whole time and we kept making jokes and laughing and smiling. After the game, we went on a night walk and kept laughing and then we ended up hooking up. The next day, we went to the mall and ate, then we drove to the beach and went on a walk. At the beach, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes. I normally don’t date people; I’ll have 2 week “flings” then get bored and end it :/.

We would hangout almost every night, but spend the day with our friends or just not hangout and stick with our separate groups because we value freedom and friendship a lot; in our relationship, things were very sexual, fun, affectionate, and adrenaline filled. We always had deep talks or just watched The Office and did things like that. After 3 weeks, I felt things start to change. The feelings were fading and I really didn’t want them to. He was distant and started ghosting me.

A part of me felt very hurt and confused. With him, everything felt so natural, but I knew it wouldn’t last as long as we wanted it to because we’re such spontaneous and adventurous people that we knew the feeling would fade. We broke up a week before our 1 month and we both felt so bad because we really thought it would last.

He told me “I tried so hard to get the feeling back but it’s just gone. You’re perfect, you still are. Everything I said is true and I meant it. You didn’t change, if anything you became even better. I know this sounds like a cheesy “it’s not you, it’s me” but I feel trapped and you didn’t do anything to make me feel that way, but that’s just how I feel. You are the best. You were the best. I promise you, if I ever feel anything again, I will tell you. You’re very different from other people, and that’s one of the things that drew me to you. I never have liked the same person twice, but as I said, you’re very different.”

This happened in November. I don’t think he’ll ever tell me because with us, I always initiated things. Now, we’re in the same friend group and we hangout in a group almost every weekend. I am in love with him, and I want to just talk to him the way I used to before, but for some reason, I’m scared that he’ll reject me or be mean. He still looks at me differently than how he looks at other people, and I just want to talk to him, but somethings holding me back. I’m a very confident person around everyone except him. I’m shy around him now, but I don’t want to be. Welp. That’s the story of me (aries sun female) and my ex (sagittarius sun male).

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