February 4th 2019 New Moon in Aquarius Report

A new experience of equilibrium is upon us. New friendships, new partners, new emotional growth, and a fresh perspective is ushered in with the sun and the moon meeting under this liberating aquarius energy. This is more than a new beginning. This is pure magic, tribe. I know you can feel it.

Celebrate where you are and how far you have come. This is what we were hoping to feel in the New year, and through january, but many are still healing and clearing. Wherever you are, you are whole, you are perfect.

This energy is bigger than a new moon, we have approached this galactic portal, and all you need to do is trust yourself. It IS that easy. When we make decisions seeing beyond fear--from a conscious viewpoint, we are living truth IN love and dignity.

“Sometimes what is meant for you can’t find you simply because you aren’t being yourself,” -Maryam Hasnaa

Finding your own truth can be daunting as it forces you to look at the shadows within. However all shadow work is, is bringing the awareness to those depths so they are no longer “dark” or hidden or shamed. Once you liberate yourselves from these confinements you are not only embracing your own authenticity, but you are healing your family's karma, your ancestral lineage karma, and you are now raw, and ready to fully step into your power. You are waking from the dream that everyone and everything is seperate. As you rise, we collectively rise. And let me tell you, you are absolutely gorgeous doing so--like the sparkling crystalline matrix we are surrounded in.

With the sun, moon, and mercury , all conjunct at 15 degree Aquarius, becoming psychologically confident is a big part of this movement. Uranus rules this passage assisting your radical AWAKENING. Bring your creative ideas to the forefront. Yes, your truth matters are you shouldn’t shy away from expressing it. We become transformers in this golden age by finding a cause we believe in, to progress humanity forward.  (This is why most aquarians are inventors, and revolutionaries.)

Aligning with your true self is freedom. As you embrace your resonance of truth, you connect with the right people, places, and things that SUPPORT your mission, your purpose. Step away, with grace, from anything else that does not align. Catch yourself re- patterning the thoughts you have. Any time your start to feel yucky and down inside, love that aspect of yourself. Give it attention, say something beautiful to yourself. Love your quirks and eccentricities. This is how we collectively anchor light into the new age into humanity. We are untouchable here. Connecting with your soul, brings you to connect with your cosmic tribe. As you align with you, you become a powerful magnetic force to attract all the things you dream of. It’s simply a frequency of love waiting for you to tune in.

Infinite love,


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Author: Dayna Connolly/Professional Astrologer

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