Zodiac + Tarot Reading for All 12 Signs for January 2019

Zodiac + Tarot Reading for January moving into February 2019

Have you heard of tarot before? Some have, some have not. There is a lot to it but I’ll give you the SUPER basic run-down: Tarot is connecting to source, the collective, your higher self and guides. It allows you to ask questions energetically and receive answers. The more in tune with energy you are, the easier it is to do this. In the past there was a stigma on tarot readings but it is now widely accepted as a mystical and spiritual practice.

My amazing astrologer, Dayna, was inspired to do a tarot reading for each sign for the rest of January and moving into February. Below you will find your sign and a tarot card with a message attached to it. Depending on where you are in your spiritual evolution you may identify with this in different ways. However you receive it is up to your own interpretation.

Dayna’s Reading:

♈︎ Aries: Eight of Wands

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Message: Creatively move forward in your vision and your journey. This is about abundance.
The warrior of strength and ultimate initiator! This is a very rapid time for you especially with your ruling planet now in in its home sign, your home sign, Aries! Expect rapid conclusions, with a quick moving confidence to carry you through the first half of 2019.

Lots of mobility after a time of stagnation, explosion of potential, the long journey is almost over, feeling a sense of home within. Remember to stay mindful of your swift and quick moving motions, because Mars in Aries can be quite accident prone without extra caution. Expect to see you vision quickly manifest, so just make sure its what you truly want.

Themes for Aries: Action, Abundance, Comfort

♉︎ Taurus: Knight of Coins

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Message: "Methodical Victories"

With Uranus just now going direct in your sign, expect to see radical, favorable shifts in income! This is always exciting for Taurus considering you put more stamina and dedication into your goals than any other sign.

Your somewhat slow, serious but pleasant and consistent energy keeps the focus on the prize. Traveling to a distant or foreign country will be quite healing and soothing for all of your hard work and dedication. Your serious but pleasant demeanor helps us anchor these new changes coming in. Thank you for your practicality and ability to dedicate yourself long enough to see the outcome. Find ways to connect to the sensual side of your nature so you can balance out.

Themes for Taurus: Money, Intimacy, Travel

♊︎ Gemini: Seven of cups

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Message: No more muffling your inner voice, commit to a choice to take action.

Although your highly attuned to the gift of seeing all sides to anything and everything with your multifaceted perception standpoint, it seems as though you may be lost in choice. There’s just too many ways this thing could play out, whatever it may be. step out of the day dream and commit to one of these choices so that you may move forward.

Less wishing instead of doing. No more muffling your inner voice through distraction. Much soul growth will occur, and its just what your spirit needs to evolve as you commit to moving forward.

Themes: Intuition, Decisions, Commitment

♋︎ Cancer: The Moon

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Message: Journey through your shadows for integration.

Wowza cancer! The moon is your ruling luminary! She rules our subconscious, and divine feminine + intuitive nature. With the north node newly in your sign for the next 18 months, this card is guiding you to trust your instincts and intuition. Get comfy with your high sense of psychic perception because it is going to heighten tremendously over 2019. You are teaching the rest of us to learn these gifts by doing them yourself! It’s time to accept your new leadership position within the collective. The moon does not love to be in the spotlight so this can be challenging energy to work with, but its okay, we are here to support you and your newly emerging gifts.

Themes: Meditate, Release, Magical creativity and Intuition development

♌︎ Leo: The Fool

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Message: You’ve aligned with your heart path, now its time to commit and start doing. Tap into courage and bravery, and jump into the unknown of starting from ground zero.

Leo! You’re no longer in the spotlight considering the north node just entered cancer. I know this can be hard on the ego, but its all for a good cause. You are most aligned with child like innocence and you are ready to embark on a fresh new adventure. Heart centered and aligned, it’s time you jump into the unknown with a positive outlook not knowing where you’re truly going to land. Tap into your inner child, remember the excitement of not knowing, and just imagining? That’s what we want to spark in you, create an empty space for yourself so you can have wide open terrain to play on. You are the ruler of your kingdom, give us something to crown you for.

Themes: Embracing inner child, Faith in self and abilities

♍︎ Virgo: Two of Wands

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Message: Stop thinking, just go.

Always balancing for perfection, now is the time to act, for you have all the info you need. You have enough energy to go with one choice and fully see it though. Stop wasting energy on over analyzing. The world is in your hands, my love. You do have all the information you need, gathered all of the facts (mercury as your ruler makes sure you do so!) so follow your bliss, trust your instincts, pick boldly! You can’t make a wrong choice here!

Themes: Action

♎︎ Libra: Page of Swords

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Message: Find your truth, focus on the outcome and move forward with confidence.

Libra- peacefulness is what you crave, but the page of swords encourages you to find your own truth, and your vision is dead on! With Uranus recently gone direct, this may seem very startling to your balanced nature, but esoterically, Uranus is your soul ruler, so this is powering you up in new ways. Sometimes you need your scales tipped to re-calibrate and balance. It serves as a platform to help you evolve to a new more angelic version of yourself.

This energy is truly what ignites you to move forward with your vision. You want to know everything now, and others less insightful seem boring to you. Although you love to collaborate with others, you may find immense joy in igniting your vision authentically with YOU. Your lazer beam focus is all you need, and you’re on to something here.

Themes: Taking a mental risk, Strong insight, Eager confidence, Intellectual innovation

♏︎Scorpio: Temperance

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Message: Dive within without ego.

You’re invited to consider that all things are possible, even when they appear to be odds. Your needs may differ from week to week or even day to day. This is all part of waking up, and is OK. Listening to your inner guidance is all you need. Go to your inward quiet space for reflection and allow your true power of alchemy to take over. Have patience with yourself and where you are on your journey. Tell the egos to take a step back so your soul may come forward. Its not as complicated as you make it, its about finding patience in the quiet awareness. This is about listening within. Allow yourself to creatively float, dream, and meditate.

** Call on arch angel Michael if you are needing help to cut cords with someone.

Themes: Introspection

♐︎ Sagittarius: Nine of Swords + Empress

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Message: Your imagination is key to abundant creation.

I felt called to draw two cards with you, Sag. Reason being is that you have two new energies blowing up your core. Venus just entered your sign and jupiter will be here for the year.

Swords is all about intellect, so this is about your mind being full of fear and unnecessary anxiety. This is the card of imagined misery. Shift your irrational thinking, muddled thoughts, and heavy doubts to a more venusian view (approach with love). The Empress is here— ruler of venus and wants to remind your imagination is key to abundant creation. The Empress invites you to water your new creation with love and patience. nurture yourself through all of your growth that is happening, and will continue to happen as Jupiter expands you to new heights. It kind of takes your breath away, right? Begin what there is to begin, we love your confidence and over thee top exuberance, embrace your inner rainbow saggi, now is the time to act.

Themes: Bold creation, Safety, Maternal guidance and love, Embracing your divine feminine power and beauty

♑︎ Capricorn: The Hanged Man

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Message: Let go of your need for control in order to align with yourself spiritually.

Oh Caps!! My heart goes out to you, as you’ve been experiencing a cosmic beatdown. This past eclipse has 6 celestial bodies in your sign, including the south node of karmic release. This is about surrendering to what you cannot control while you rebuild and reform yourself in a better aligned way for your future. We are all missing you and your strong, can do anything approach to life. When you’re down, we are all down. You’re being asked to connect with the divine, a higher power of spirituality for your rebuilding. This card is tied to neptune, divine love, and oneness. In this spiritual doorway, you relinquish the ego and the mind, to experience your true nature, clarity and enlightenment. Calm rests over you as you merge with the divine, a peace that first comes from surrender and trust. Your new found realizations will be ones that stay with you forever.

Themes: A change in perspective, Committed time of inward self examination, Sacrifice rewarded by clarity, Search for truth

♒︎ Aquarius: The Lovers

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Message: You’ve come a long way, open your heart and work with others to continue the evolution.

Joy! This is a milestone marker for how far you have come! Be happy for the progress you have made! Spiritual connections are happening for you, ones were you feel you are finding and uniting with your cosmic family! This is your reward for honoring your true authenticity. Potential of meeting a karmic soul mate in love is really coming to me and I know that can be challenging to open up deeply in love, but trust that the other person feels the same, and you are being urged to think more in terms of your heart and less with your mind. Whether in love, or connecting with new friends or partners, magical results are possible when you allow the help and collaboration of others! Although your severe need for independence gets you far--fast, you can venture further to the unimaginable terrain, together in union, with working with the right people. Take a breath now because things are going to move rapidly forward.

Themes: Shared achievement, Celebrations, Follow your heart, Choose love, Transformation through love, Trust in your heart, Magical union

♓ Pisces: King of Coins

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Message: The work you’ve done to set boundaries for yourself has paid off in major ways, take time to reflect and then take steps to move forward.

Pay attention to the whole picture, broaden your vision and honor your principals. If you’re doing work that’s not in alignment with your soul it might be time to consider a career in what truly makes you feel you can contribute to being of service in a more balanced way. You’ve worked hard on developing healthy boundaries this past year, and have had to sever ties with many who do not share your divine and compassionate mindset. You now know how to stay strong in your choices. Your new set of vales and self worth deserves recognition. This applies heavily to your source of income, making sure the work you do sits well in your soul. This is important for your highly sensitive nature. Take time to love yourself for all the hard work you’ve accomplished. Chiron is finishing up in your sign, healing deep soul wounds so you can move forward with new found inspiration, and strength to build a new foundation with an exciting but practical approach.

Themes: Self reliance, Material and spiritual wealth, Skillful business qualities

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