Looking forward into 2019: What the Stars Say

I know we are all excited to see 2018 leave, as it was a year that required a lot of going in and quieting the external. This energetic whirlwind has not been easy to work with, considering our society’s paradigms and programming to be "on" and tied to outcomes with the external environment. Collectively, we’ve all been examining what makes our heart sing, and walking away from what no longer serves us makes room for what our soul requires. The ego needs to take a step down so the soul can rise into being of service. 

With great excitement, I’d love to share major themes for 2019. 

To start off the new year

Jan 1st ’19  Mars will be home in aries ♈︎ for the first time in two years. Mars ♂ is one of our personal planets, meaning his energy field deeply affects us on a personal level unique to our chart. His energy is that of a warrior, he is our drive, desire, passion, and  what gives us momentum. Aries is the hero with a dream who can initiate into reality. 

The past 6 weeks mars in pisces has been asking you to creatively connect to your vision so this energy can inspire you to enact on it. All of the forward moving drive we have been lacking has been for a greater purpose, and I can assure you those tanks are about to be full with fire again. 

Understanding Nodes

The nodes ☊ ☋ ruling our collective destiny have made a recent shift from Leo into Cancer. The past year has been a process of elimination by aligning with the heart path.

Now that we know what our heart path is, we can now take footsteps to walk it. 

Mars in Aries will make sure we have the momentum to move quickly on this. 

Nodes pull us into soul growth and expansion. If there is anything to study astrologically, start with these energies. 

This is where we learn to work with our gifts from past lifetimes and use them to carry out our true calling. 

The nodes hit home in activating everybody. The soul cannot deny karmic cycles of growth, and we are all in it together! The next 18 months will be a journey of exploring themes around nurturing our inner selves, mothering our inner child, so we can watch our seedlings sprout into beautiful expressionIn 2019 because of all the transits happening, we can look forward to more aligned relationships. When it comes to ourselves in love and friendships, we’ve developed an awareness to our souls values in the deeply profound journey of venus ♀♏︎ retrograde in scorpio. We needed to purge outdated relationships, jobs, and habits. This brought us deeply into a void of dissolution. What we need to know is that every dissolution is followed by a renewal and a rebirth. Trust that a new, better aligned cycle will replace the old. 

Things to leave behind 2019:

Let’s leave behind the need for control, compulsion to take charge without fully understanding the situation, ignoring our process by being too focused on the on the end goal, pretending our actions don’t have a ripple affect, hiding feelings in intimate relationships, doing things for the sake of admiration from others, taking care of others’ feelings and neglecting your own, and thinking that things have to be difficult in order to be important- as summarized from "Astrology of the Soul," by Jan Spiller. 

Purge outdated relationships, jobs and habits brought on by Venus retrograde in Scorpio

We are now ready to step into our new way of being of service. This tidal wave is going to sweep you into stepping up in new ways for yourself and others, with healthy boundaries and an honoring of your souls needs. 

Jupiter ♃ the planet of abundance, growth, & expansion, is in his dignity, meaning ‘home sign” from now until dec. 2, 2019. we get to work with this blessed energy which rules “mind over matter” giving us the “can do” anything attitude, confidence, and rainbow power we all need to harness. This is the upswing reward after all of our purging and processing of 2018. 

You will have a “Can do anything” attitude until December 2019 thanks to Jupiter

Great expansion comes with major teachings and new found wisdom. The house, or field life experience that Jupiter transits is bringing blessings and will activate you in new compelling ways. This energy makes me feel like I’m sky diving and soaring above my old self.

Look to the edge of your natal chart where you see this symbol ♐︎ Sagittarius, and notice the house it rules, and from there, any planets in that house. This is that part of you that’s going to amplify. Take a deep breath... 

A considerable amount of growth  is here to support your vision and carry it out to the highest heights possible. How high do you want to go? The archer requires lazer beam focus, precise aim, confidence, and a release to take flight. This energy is here to help you soar, so don’t miss this elevating opportunity, he won’t be back home for another 12 years…

Get ready to pull back your bow, drop those mental fears, aim with positive intention, release and reach for the cosmos. 

Jupiter asks one thing of you. Believe in YOU.

Remember, he’s all about bestowing gifts when you express you’re ready. He only believes in you, if you believe in YOU. Then he amplifies that energy big time. 350 x bigger than the sun to be exact. 

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Another major theme leading in “19 is the agent of change, Uranus ♅, higher octave of mercury, ruling our generational liberation of constructs, is here to rock the boat. Whenever he moves into a new sign, we feel it. He comes in hot with surround d sound on. Society has trouble scratching below the surface, humanity tends to be comfortable with a shallow conscious awareness, or ignorance is bliss state of mind. well….Uranus disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed.

Uranus is here demanding your true authenticity to shine, urging you to  step into new ways of being of service

He settles into Taurus for the first time in 74 years, and will be here for 7 years. Uranus is here demanding your true authenticity to shine, urging you to  step into new ways of being of service. doing so causes a ripple effect for others to do the same! Uranian energy is bizzare and strange because it doesn’t follow societys norms. He’s a system buster. Authority can’t rule you. You are your own dictator now. The prison of confinement is an illusion, you can be free from your self made limitations. 

The new paradigm is to heal yourself, and in doing so, you are actually aiding in helping others heal themselves. Uranus shows us where we have our cosmic genius gifts in the chart. As an aquarian, nothing gets me pumped more than this lighting bolt of divine change. 

We are breaking of confinements such as, but not limited to include taurus realms of: 
The physical plane; money, work, food systems, shelter, water, security, stability, self esteem, self worth, values, these are the things you’re going to see radical change within yourself and our current paradigm. having a fearless attitude is what will carry you through the next year and beyond. Taurus does not like sudden change, but its often just what she needs to re-stabilize. 

The more we individualize our consciousness, think for ourselves, explore our own truth, the more unified we become. As more and more people wake up to their own gifts and self discover, the more we see rising of consciousness, each with unique expressions of authenticity. This is the new paradigm of unity in diversity.

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