astrology compatibility class

Have you been curious about your compatibility with other signs? These are the main questions we get asked and we wanted to help you get all of your questions answered! Join us for our Astrology Compatibility Course where we will be discussing what makes two people compatible, where to look within the birth chart and how to see which areas two people will thrive together and where they might need some work. Will your relationship work out? Do you have a chance with your crush? We honestly don’t know the answers to that, but looking into the birth chart and understanding exactly what to look for to increase your chances for success is our motivating factor. Join professional astrologer Dayna Connolly as she dives into the charts to unlock the potential between two people.

The class will be held in two parts: October 14th & October 21st from 5:30pm-7pm central time

When you sign up you will receive an email within 48 hours with the zoom link to the live class session. If you are unable to participate live, a recorded version of the session will be emailed to you.